Purify Water Dermabrasion Device

SKU: ND-9011 Purify
Purify Water Dermabrasion Device
Purify Water Dermabrasion Device
Purify Water Dermabrasion Device
Purify Water Dermabrasion Device

Purify Water Dermabrasion Device

SKU: ND-9011 Purify
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One Machine for:
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Oil-Control
  • Exfoliation
  • Hydrating
  • Moisturizing Shrinking Pores

Suction Mode, Deep Cleansing

Water circulation vacuum suction adsorption, unclog pores, remove oil and blackheads, reduce cosmetic residues.

Import Mode, Moisturizing and Tighten

Stimulates pores to tighten, rejects the dust intrude to the skin, and solves repeated skin problems.

Adjust water and oil balance, make the skin youthfully tender, delicate and smooth, brighten the skin.

Equipped with professional grade microdermabrasion head

Self-circulation tip:
Unique design for self-cleaning of the machine suction tip for nose: Used to remove dirt from small area such as the nose.

Silicone tip for massage:
Food-grade silicone material to support skin massage and care

Triangle tip:
The triangle tip is mainly used for deep cleansing the face, taking away grease and blackheads and cleansing the T zone.

Diamond Tip:
For face exfoliating, produced by company with 20 years of professional diamond tips production experience, which is same as SPA's level large-scale dermabrasion machine.

Round tip:
The round tip is used for cleansing and unclogging pores, refining the skin, suitable to dry skin.

3 Levels Of Suction, One-Button Operation
Easy to adjust as you need, suitable for different skins.

  1. 1st Gear: Gentle mode
  2. 2nd Gear: Moderate Mode
  3. 3rd Gear: Strong Mode
Clean Water In Waste Water Out
The result is apparent, Seeing is believing.


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