ZAQ Ada Infrared & Red LED Light Therapy Device


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The device combine LIGHT and THERMAL therapy which professionally stimulates collagen production to treat signs of aging and discoloration.

Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles by increasing blood circulation to help tighten and repair damaged skin and connective tissue.

Promotes collagen production and stimulates skin cell repair. Helps to brighten and create a more even skin tone while promoting muscle relaxation and reducing swelling and stiffness.

Enhance collagen production and promotes better penetration of skin care products. The deep heat therapy penetrates as deep as 5.5 micron into the skin and provides visible anti ageing results.

Massage Therapy
If you wish to massage simultaneously , simply press the ON/OFF button for 1 second after turn on the device. Then it starts to work. There are 2 different modes for your option. If you wish to switch to another mode, please press the button again for 1 second. This non invasive, non allergenic skin renewal device maybe used all over the face & neck for instantaneous and outstanding anti aging results. When used as part of your skincare routine it will make skin look clearer and more luminous than ever


How to use
After cleansing apply your desired skin care product, apply the metal probe to your face and move the device:

The recommend treatment time:
Use as needed but no more than three times a week. Use for no more than 15 minutes at each time. Do not leave the probe on same area more than 3 seconds.


During the treatment, DO NOT look directly at the light-wave TO AVOID discomfort or dizziness.

Maintenance and storage
* Cleanse & Dry the device after each use.
* Store the device in a cool & dry place.

If the device does not work properly, please check following:
* Ensure the device is fully charged.
* Ensure indicator lights light up when pressing the ON/OFF button.
* If the device does not power ON after full charge please contact your local dealer.


Power Supply: DC9V 0.75-0.9A
Weight (main device): 80g
Total weight : 200g
Size(main device): 140x30x30
Overall size: 189x85x45
Charging Time: 3.5 H
Heating Massage: 42 +/-2
Wave Length: Red 650-665nm
Infrared 845-855nm

Do not exceed the scope of use specified in this user
Pregnant women should follow doctor's advice.
Do not use near area with metal prosthesis, such as
eyes ball, inner ear, bone areas and joints.
Prohibit use by patients with pacemaker, osteoporosis
patients, without sense of temperature or pain, and
patient with skin disease.
Prohibit use in vein or arterial pathology areas or
Patients with Thrombophlebitis or Blood Coagulation
Prohibit use for patients with transmigrate changes,
alcohol abuse and liver infections.
Avoid physical impact.
Only use according to the user manual; do not
disassemble, transform or retrofit the product.
Please store the device in a clean and stable place;
do not store in a place overheated or over cold; keep
away from the fire, such as stove.
The device is not waterproof, keep it away from water source. Unplug the plug after use.
Keep the device away from children.

This product is covered by a one year warranty.
Please retain your original purchase receipt as
warranty will not be valid without it.
The warranty scope only refers to problems caused
due to production quality.
Warranty will not be applied in the following
Damaged caused by warranty period, maintenance
storage outside of the instruction within this user
Damaged caused due to incorrect operation.
When contacting either the brand distributor or
manufacturers for any warranty repair, please
present the purchase invoice.
During the warranty period, the manufacturer will
replace any faulty parts free of charge.
The information contained in this warranty is subject
to change without notice.

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