“Well it’s a great addition to this place, I have always loved essential oils but there is something about having this that brings it into the environment in a really effective way. I love also that they can look at it, it just adds one more aspect to that first impression that I like to give to clients when they come to my door. It gives a suggestion that they are entering into a serene and safe environment.”
“We really love our Zaq Dew Diffuser and it has been a wonderful addition to our home. It’s nice that we can control how strong we want it; all of the other ones we tried in the past were just a premixed fragrance with really no control over it.”
“We noticed a big difference between this essential oil diffuser and what we used to use before. What we used before smelled fake; but this one really surprised me by how good it smells – it smells real.”
“I have thoroughly enjoyed having the diffuser in the house. We have used several scents and enjoyed them as well. My children enjoy how simple it is to use. It is very versatile as far as how much of the scent that you want or need for the room depending on the size of the room.”
“Zaq diffusers to me are very aesthetically pleasing. They have a number of different models with a number of different looks and each one is a little piece of art in itself. Its a nice addition to any place you want to put in your home. Essentials oils and aromatherapy improve everyone’s quality of life in a simple way and everyone deserves that.”