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“While intended for children, there’s little doubt that adults will also benefit from the Sky. Not only will it help disseminate essential oils throughout your room, but the built-in air purifier and ionizer claims to remove dust, allergens, germs, stale air, and odors. So even if you don’t have kids, this diffuser might do well in a bathroom, your kitchen, or anywhere else where air quality can sometimes be questionable. The Sky also features a humidifier, which promises to fight the drying effects of both heating and air conditioning, so you can benefit all year long."
~ Digital Trends
“ZAQ believes any environment can be transformed into a sanctuary of tranquility. They try to invoke peaceful aromas anywhere, awaken your senses and help you discover the rejuvenation of aromatherapy diffusers. ZAQ diffusers come with LiteMist Aromatherapy system to distribute the essential oils in the form of a, well, light mist. ZAQ diffusers break up the mixture of water and essential oils into millions of microparticles that are released in a stream of mist. The activated ingredients of blended essential oils are easily absorbed through your skin while the scents freshen the room and provide you with aromatherapy treatment.”
~ eWellness Magazine
Other Media Mentions
Featured in the Culture Design section. ~ Entrepreneur Magazine, November 2015 - page 34
“I just discovered these mood changing aromatherapy diffusers by ZAQ. As you know, Aromatherapy helps relax you and relieve stress. What’s great about these is that they’re also humidifiers and they’re compact enough to travel with.”
~ Extra Style Correspondent Shae Wilbur (Video, Shop the Scoop)
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