ZAQ Jade FACE MASK - Handmade

SKU: JadeMask
ZAQ Jade FACE MASK - Handmade

ZAQ Jade FACE MASK - Handmade

SKU: JadeMask
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Hand-crafted Blue Sodalite Eye. Highest quality.

The original lucky charm, Jade has been used for centuries in a variety of traditions.  China has valued this stone for its beauty and powerful properties, in addition to its protective power. The stone was traditionally fashioned in into a wide assortment of items including: vessels, incense burners, burial items, statues, and even musical instruments. Some cultures utilized the stone’s blessing powers in their weapons.

The people of ancient British Isles fashioned the tough stone into sharpened axe heads and various weaponries for protection against their enemies. South of the equator, indigenous tribes in Central & South America used the beautiful stone to carve masks of their deities for rituals. The stone was also offered as sacrifices to water spirits by dropping gems into their wells.

This luck has also been tested across metaphysical boundaries by utilizing this gem as a “Dream Stone” to cross to the spiritual world, encourage creativity, and gain heightened access to the world of dreaming. It has also been said to promote all areas of life including longevity, healing, and peaceful passing into the next life. The stone encourages friendship, tranquility, dispelling the negative energies, and clear sight of self.

Place mask over your face. Leave on for up to 15-20 minutes. Store in the refrigerator and apply extra cold. 

Wash gently with water and soap 

To Dry lay it flat

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