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Discovering ZAQ’s Diffusers: Allay

Allay Aromatherapy diffuser by Zaq


Material – Plastic Size – 4.3” x 8.7” Capacity – 80ml Operating Time – 4 hours

This tall, proud diffuser is among the most popular from Zaq’s selection. The Allay model has been dubbed “the most versatile Zaq”. Sleek, modern and contemporary design combine with vibrant color to make a bold statement. It adds luxury and comfort to compact rooms (between 200 – 300 square feet). Inspired by new beginnings and untapped creativity, the design symbolizes upward growth of personality and spirit. This model comes in three vibrant colors to energize your spirit:
  • Blue to represent flexible, fluid water
  • Orange for the fire and passion of flame
  • Pink in honor of love, friendship and unity
In addition to the body color is the built-in LED light. Its luminescent glow adds to the beauty of the design. Sooth yourself in the dark of the evening with the scent and sight of the Allay; and spark your creativity in the light of day with its vibrant colors. The LED light can be dimmed as well, so you can choose the ambiance that works for you. This diffuser is easy to use – plug it in, fill with water, add essential oils and press the “on” button. That’s all you need to do to start filling your room (or office, or massage parlor, or yoga studio) with beautiful aromas that de-stress, relax and calm you and your guests. Quiet serenity and calming smells exude from the Allay. Each quaint, cool puff of steam that greets you when you turn it on will excite and the soft, bubbling sound will sooth. The automatic turn off function (which comes into effect when the water in the unit has dried up) leaves you anxiety free and your home smelling fresh. Allay is a glowing diffuser to inspire, relax and sooth. Discover it for yourself.

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