Introduce your living space to the vibrant beauty of our Allay diffuser! This model features the same high design as our other products. Each unit is made with durable materials so you can use it again and again. The Allay can hold up to 80 ml of water and includes an exotic tapered profile that extends over the base in your choice of gorgeous azure, gold or pink rose. A brilliant built-in LED light creates a stunning glow that brightens any room and adds a touch of atmosphere complemented by your favorite scents. Transform your home into a place of aromatic tranquility with our energy efficient Allay diffuser!

Our Allay diffuser features:

  • Convenient auto shut off function
  • 80 ml water capacity with single LED light
  • Easy operation that consumes minimal energy
  • Skin moisturizing relaxation right in your home
  • ZAQ Allay with A/C adaptor that makes a great gift (oil sold separately)


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