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Replacement power adapter available for Noor, Dew, Galaxy, Paradise, JellyFish, Lumin, Swirl, Mini, Allay, Bamboo, Gem, Mirage, Pebble, Tour and Lotus ZAQ diffusers.

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Customer Reviews

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Rick M.
Great price, quick shipping

Couldn't be happier - was so happy to find ZAQ sells replacement power supplies for our diffuser. We are thrilled to have it up and running again. Price was great and we received it promptly.

Kathryn M.
Power Adapter

Great to have my diffuser up and running again! The cost was fantastic and shipping was fast. Thank you!

Gregory A.
Sometimes it’s just that easy ...

My ZAQ Allay is probably one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. For a small initial price, it has provided years of soothing essential oil aromas diffused around my home. However, over the past six months, I had noticed that the AC adapter had developed an annoying high-pitched whine when plugged in to the diffuser and a power source. This led to the diffuser being unplugged after every use - which then led to it being used less. So, I thought I would try another diffuser. I received a larger diffuser made by a well known essential oil company as a gift and expected it to be amazing. The truth? I missed my ZAQ Allay even more.

Thus, began my hunt for a new AC adapter - all the while realizing that buying a new adapter is a tricky business. They are pretty finicky beasts. On a lark, I popped on over to the ZAQ website and they sell a replacement AC adapter! For, like, practically nothing. With free shipping. (I may have done the Carlton dance in celebration.)

Now, all is right in my world. My ZAQ is back!

Stephanie S.
Diffuser Adapter Needed

Misplaced my original cord/adapter. Ordered a new one. It arrived on time and works great!

Lisa T.
Diffuser cord

I am very happy with my purchase . The cord was a great price. It arrived in good time. It works! I will definitely buy from ZAQ again.