What is microcurrent?

IUV Sonic LED Red/Blue Silicone Thermo Cleansing Brush with Microcurrent



We’ve all been there – staring in the mirror, wondering where that wrinkle or dark spot on our face came from. It can be frustrating to cycle through the endless serums, treatments or gels that promise results simply from being rubbed on our face. But it’s expensive to go to the spa for more in-depth, promising treatments.

Thankfully, new technology lets us bring the spa to our homes at more affordable prices. Devices like the ZAQ IUV Cleansing Brush use microcurrent technology to help us achieve the skin of our dreams. 

What is microcurrent? 

Microcurrent technology is an electrical current that is low enough to be safe to use on the skin. It energizes the skin and generates adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. ATP is a molecule that serves as the main energy source of cells. It essentially mimics the body’s natural ionic flow.

This technology was originally used in a therapeutic manner to treat nerve conditions caused by trauma or spasms, such as neck pain or headaches, that resulted in pain or muscle atrophy in the facial muscles. 

How does microcurrent work?

The skin on our faces is connected directly to the muscles. Because of this, muscle stimulation can offer delightful results and combat the appearance of aging. Microcurrent devices stimulate an increase in ATP, which is the way our cells store and transport energy.

This increase signals our bodies to produce more collagen and elastin, two components that contribute directly to the appearance of youthful skin. Microcurrent devices also boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, leading to a healthier and more refined complexion. 

Stimulating the ATP in our cells also stimulates the facial muscles, leaving the face looking sculpted for a longer period of time.

Why add a microcurrent device to your skincare routine?

The results of using a microcurrent device are clear after just one use, and users see a significant difference after eight weeks of consistent use.

There are several benefits to using a microcurrent device. It firms drooping areas, like the jowls or chin area. It reduces the appearance of scars by speeding up the wound healing process. It brightens and enhances the overall appearance of skin. And it lifts and sculpts areas that are clear indicators of aging, like the undereye area and the cheeks. 

The ZAQ IUV anti-aging device, product presentation

The ZAQ IUV device is a silicone cleansing brush that uses the latest technologies to help you combat aging during your skincare routine. 

This device has ultrasonic pulsation of up to 9,000 waves per minute to help thoroughly yet gently cleanse your face of the grime of the day. It also creates a massage effect of low-frequency pulsations that are safe for your skin, but strong enough to accelerate tissue regeneration that will help lighten acne scars and minimize pores. 

The ZAQ IUV also uses blue and red LED light technology to ensure your skin will look the best it possibly can. Red LED light is proven to stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation, as well as promote nutrient absorption, which helps the rest of your skincare routine reach its maximum potential. Blue LED light eliminates the bacteria that causes acne and helps restore the pH balance of your skin.

Lastly, this device uses microcurrent technology to give you all of the benefits we’ve already discussed. It further improves your collagen production and provides other benefits to reduce fine lines and soften wrinkles.

This device is, of course, waterproof.

How to Use ZAQ IUV

The ZAQ IUV Cleansing Brush has three power settings so you can choose what is needed for your skin. The multi-sized bristles help you get every area of skin clean.

Start by prepping your skin by removing any makeup with a micellar water or gentle cleanser. Then apply a cleansing serum or gel onto the ZAQ IUV Cleansing Brush and turn it on. Choose your required setting and gently circle the brush around your face to thoroughly cleanse, revitalize and nourish your skin. While you simply wash your face, this device is providing three treatments in one.

It’s best to use this two to five times per week, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Start slow and work your way up. Use it for three to ten minutes each time.

Follow this treatment with your normal skincare routine – don’t forget to moisturize!


To review, microcurrent technology helps restore sagging skin, diminish pores, acne and scarring, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. By using the ZAQ IUV Cleansing Brush, you are not only getting this anti-aging microcurrent technology but also a silicone cleansing tool and an LED light tool. 

The brush is not painful and requires minimal time to see results compared to spa treatments. This three-in-one device will help improve your skin and make you appear more youthful and bright.

In conclusion

Do you want more radiant, youthful skin? Do you want better skin texture and firmer skin overall? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should try the ZAQ IUV Cleansing Brush. With three treatments in one, it’s an easy, no-brainer solution to any skin woes.

IUV Sonic LED Red/Blue Silicone Thermo Cleansing Brush with Microcurrent