The Healing Powers of Gemstones

From ancient times, gemstones have been used as a piece of jewelry, but more for their healing and spiritual benefits. Gemstones are often used to positively impact life, heal a person from illnesses and enhance their spiritual and mental abilities. 



Here are some of the most popular gemstones, their benefits, and which stone you can combine it with for even better results: 

  1. Unakite 

Healing Properties: Unakite is a greenish-colored gemstone which is:

  •  beneficial for people who have difficulty in being in the present
  •  This gemstone helps you go with the flow providing your harmonious energy

You can mix Stones: You can use Unakite, mixing it with Calcite, Variscite, and Tugtupite. To break chains of addiction, you can mix and use it with Thulite, Amethyst, and Astrophyllite.

  1. Clear Quartz

Healing Properties: Clear Quartz, just like its name,

  • helps you with clarity and vision in your life
  •  It helps you have light, reflection, and manifestation in your life

Stones you can mix it with: To gain protection Clear Quartz can be mixed with Amethyst. You can even mix it with Black Tourmaline, Citrine, and Pyrite for general manifestation in life. 

  1. Fluorite

Healing Properties: A Fluorite crystal is known to:

  •  bring back hopes and dreams in your life that you might have lost connection with
  •  It provides you with whimsical energy with healing and rejuvenation

Stones you can mix it with: You can mix Green Fluorite with Rose Quartz for cleansing and soothing your heart chakra. You can even pair a Yellow Fluorite with a Citrine to boost positivity in life. 

  1. Opal

Healing Properties: Opal gemstone:

  •  Helps control insulin levels
  •  Makes childbirth easier, and relieves PMS symptoms
  •  For emotional healing, it is known to help you avoid negative energies and sentiments

Stones you can mix it with: You can mix an Opal gemstone with a Tourmaline stone to bring confidence in your life and repel negative energy.

  1. Angel Stone

Healing Properties: The Angel crystal:

  •  Helps you acquire vitality and strength
  •  Offers positive energy to attract new opportunities and adventures

Stones you can mix it with: You can mix Angel Quartz Stone with Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Dream Quartz, and Purple Sugilite to enhance its properties. 

  1. Citrine

Healing Properties: The Citrine jewel:

  • Increases positive energy and promotes emotional wellbeing
  • It also helps with digestive illnesses, pain, inflammation, and hearing and sleeping problems

Stones you can mix it with: You can always mix Clear Quartz with a Citrine for success and wealth. You can even mix Emerald and Citrine to acquire love and passion in life.

  1. Howlite

Healing Properties

  • Howlite gemstone enhances clarity and tolerance in your life
  •  It also increases kindness and positive interactions with people in your life

Stones you can mix it with: You can mix Chrysoprase and Amber with your Howlite stone to increase understanding and patience in your life. 

  1. Blue Sandstone 

Healing properties: 

  • Blue sandstone emits energy that uplifts the mood
  • Spreads positive energy, and makes people secure in their skin

Stones you can mix with: Blue sandstone makes an incredible pair with Amethyst, the third eye chakra stone that facilitates meditation. 

  1. Tiger eye

Healing properties: 

  • Tiger eye is a bearer of good luck for the wearers and improves the mind's focusing abilities
  •  It can promote mental clarity and objectivity

Stones you can mix with: For good luck and abundance, you can mix tiger eye with malachite, pyrite, and citrine. 

  1. Strawberry Quartz 

Healing properties: 

  • Strawberry quartz has the power to heal wounds while enabling the wearer to attract abundance and successfully find their soulmate. 

Stones you can mix with: Heart-shaped stones pair well with strawberry quartz and significantly rose quartz. This is due to the latter's feminine, calming, and healing properties. 

  1. Red Agate 

Healing properties: 

  • The red Agate is the most helpful stone for those who wish to find vitality and feel increasingly grounded and safe
  • It also improves blood disorders 

Stones you can mix with: For the best results, you can combine red Agate with quartz, jaspers, tourmalines, and calcite. 

  1. Hematite 

Healing properties: 

  • Crystal healers claim that hematite helps restore, regulate, and strengthen blood supply and conditions like anemia.

Stones you can mix Hematite pairs well with aquamarine, black tourmaline, and clear quartz. Its earthiness makes it compatible with other earthy crystals. 

  1. Garnet 

Healing properties: 

  • Garnet enriches its warmth and helps improve circulation while flushing out toxins
  •  It also improves your metabolic performance

Stones you can mix with: Red jasper and garnet make it a great pair because they promote courage and help deal better with emotions. 


  1. Amethyst 

Healing properties:

  •  Among the many physical healing benefits, Amethyst can enhance your immune system
  •  Cure headaches
  •  Improves skin appearance and endocrine functions, and more

Stones you can mix with: Some of the best pairing crystals with Amethyst are tourmaline, citrine, clear quartz, and rose quartz.

  1. Cat Eye 

Healing properties:

  •  If your aura contains unwanted energy, you can cure it with the help of the cat eye
  •  This stone amplifies positive energy and good luck

Stones you can mix: Natural gemstones pair best with cat eye, including Blackstone, moonstone, and onyx. 

  1. Obsidian 

Healing properties:

  •  Obsidian is a strong protector against negativity and psychic attacks
  •  It can absorb negative energies while enhancing the truth

Stones you can mix with: High-energy crystals go best with obsidian, including carnelian, rose quartz, and obsidian. 

  1. Green Aventurine 

Healing properties: 

  • Green aventurine possesses soothing energy and calms irritation, anger, and nervousness. 

Stones you can mix with: Green tourmaline and rose quartz go best with green aventurine for love. To combat fear and bad dreams, try mixing it with smoky quartz. 

  1. Gold Hair Quartz 

Healing properties: 

  • Gold hair quartz can help you become deeply attuned to your higher self and assess if a situation or individual is unsuitable for you. 

Stones you can mix: Gold hair quartz pairs spectacularly with grey, white or black mother of pearl. 

  1. Apatite 

Healing properties: 

  • Apatite can assist in better calcium absorption to strengthen teeth, bones, and cartilage
  •  It also promotes new cell formation

Stones you can mix: Garnet and other high-energy stones pair wonderfully with apatite. 

  1. Amazon Stone 

Healing properties: 

  • Amazon stones produce a soothing effect on your nervous system
  • This stone can even provide calm in aggravating situations while enhancing love 

Stones you can mix: You can pair it with aquamarine, rose quartz, or citrine to enhance its soothing energies. 

  1. Sodalite 

Healing properties:

  •  Sodalite can promote intelligence
  •  Reduce fevers 
  • Assist with weight loss and insomnia
  • Improves intelligence

Stones you can mix with: Clear quartz and sodalite make a great pair, and together can also stimulate the third eye chakra. 

  1. Sunstone 

Healing properties: 

  • Sunstone can help your body fight against stomach ulcers and sore throat and calm the tension in your stomach
  • It can also restore fulfillment and happiness in your being

Stones you can mix with: Sunstone and magnetite make the best combination for manifestation. 

  1. Red Jasper 

Healing properties:

  • This stone has many healing properties and protects against negative energies
  • It is an excellent source of detox and strength for the body too

Stones you can mix with: Garnet, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, and Amethyst make the best pairing with Red Jasper and can stimulate the root chakra too. 

  1. Lava 

Healing properties:

  • Lava can promote courage and strength while relieving anxiety, uplifting the mood, and calming anger
  • It can also provide relief to tensed muscles

Stones you can mix with: Black tourmaline, black Agate, and tiger's eye pair well with lava. 

  1. Labradorite 

Healing properties: 

  • This is an immensely spiritual stone and a source of relief for those who overwork
  • Labradorite can help regain energy

Stones you can mix with: Lapis lazuli, moonstone, moldavite, and hematite work well together. 


  1. Black Hair Quartz 

Healing properties:

  •  This stone infuses the wearer's body with vital energy while relieving back pain and headaches. 

Stones you can mix: Chalcopyrite, citrine, Brazilianite, and golden yellow labradorite pair well with this stone. 

  1. Rose Quartz 

Healing properties:

  •  Rose quartz is among the top crystal healers and can assist with emotional blockages and health while calming relationship problems
  •  It can also bring peace and calm

Stones you can mix with: Lamachite and rose quartz make a good pair. 

  1. Turquoise

Healing properties:

  •  Turquoise delivers detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects while relieving pain and cramps
  •  It can purify the lungs while soothing sore throats

Stones you can mix with: Tiger's eye, black Agate, and black obsidian pair enhance the healing energies of turquoise.  

  1. Cherry Agate 

Healing properties:

  •  Cherry agate helps the wearer rebloom after exhausting and painful life phases. 

Stones you can mix with: Rose quartz, malachite and green aventurine promote the healing powers of cherry agate. 

  1. Lapis Lazuli 

Healing properties:

  •  Lapis lazuli can cleanse your throat while warding off psychic attacks
  •  It can help you reacquaint with intuition, integrity, and clarity

Stones you can mix: Lapis lazuli pairs well with Agate, Amethyst, and turquoise. 

  1. Smoky Quartz 

Healing properties:

  •  Smoky quartz can boost your overall wellbeing
  •  It helps recover from old wounds while letting go of unwanted emotional baggage 

Stones you can mix Agate, black tourmaline, obsidian, and hematite pair well with smoky quartz. 


Here are some of the most amazing gemstones with their unique healing and spiritual powers to provide a positive impact on your life. You can mix them with certain gemstones to add further value to them.