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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Smell Oh So Sweet

Happy Mothers Day Aromatherapy comes in many forms, from essential oils to scented candles. Treat your mother to a day of relaxing scents this Mother’s Day and pamper her all year long with these Mother’s Day gift ideas that smell oh so sweet.

Envelope her in Fragrant Light

versatile, practical Scented candlesPractical and versatile, scented candles are a pretty way that your mom can set on any surface in the house to add a fresh scent to the air. We suggest giving her a pair of beautiful candleholders with a selection of different scented candles. If you want to add a personal touch, try a DIY Lavender Aromatherapy jar.

Surround her in Scent

lifestyle diffuser oilsA diffuser and a selection of your favorite essential oils is just what your mom needs to fill her favorite room with relaxing scents. If she’s particularly stressed from work, try these five essential oils or give her some relief from seasonal allergies with these.

Immerse her in Flowers

Rose Spa for Mother's DayInstead of a bouquet of flowers, give your mom the essence of rose, lavender, geranium and jasmine for her bath. From bubble bath to bath soap and even moisturizer, the smell of flowers will linger on her skin all day long.

Treat her to Aromatherapy

iStock_000033115700_FullAromatherapy is an art and there are masters who offer their services. Find your local Holistic Health Center and treat your mom to a session with a trained aromatherapist.

Soothe her with Loose Leaf

blonde-coffee-cup-5186Tea has long held benefits outside the soothing heat on your throat. Loose-leaf teas have been rising in popularity and are a unique gift for the mom that loves sitting on the porch with a mug of tea and a good book.

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