During Roman times, the calendar was 10 months long. It began with the month of March and ended in December. Why is it this month I feel like March has consumed those two extra months not listed on the Roman calendar? It just seems to be dragging for me. The weather is cold yet a wee bit sunny, rainy with a few lumps of soft snow (I guess it is still technically winter), and even though it is staying lighter longer, the day ends in shadows too quickly. In other words, March has got me run down and tired and spring break seems years, instead of weeks, away. I am ready to change seasons.

I have discovered a powerful secret this week. I have discovered the delightful properties of ZAQ's Roman Chamomile Organic Essential Oil. This essential oil has a fruity, apple-like scent. It is so refreshing in these last days of winter. Roman Chamomile oil can help bring a sense of calm during times of depression, anger or sorrow.  It is said that even opening and smelling the bottle can help alleviate these negative feelings and bring about joy and contentment. It is a very calming oil that can be used through a diffuser, as a massage oil with a carrier oil or even in a cup of chamomile tea. The aroma lends itself to a feeling of relaxation. It will bring back the balance in your life that long months like March zap out of you.

The chamomile plant is pretty. It looks much like a daisy, with its little white petals and bright yellow center. It is a perennial with feathery leaves. It packs a huge aromatic punch and some say it smells like a Jolly Rancher sour apple flavored candy. It grows about 3 to 4 inches high and usually in clusters. It is considered a safe oil (when diluted) to use around children as well. It is just a happy little flower with a lot of flower power!

If you find yourself needing a lift, needing to temper a short fuse or just needing a little joy in your life, I think you will find it in ZAQ's Roman Chamomile Organic Essential Oil. It is also good to add a couple drops to your shampoo for smoothing effects, in your daily moisturizer to help promote healthy skin or even to make an "Earth Apple" bath bomb for a great smelling soak in the tub. Roman Chamomile has so many healing properties, you wouldn't know what you enjoy most - the wonderful scent or the healthy options for wellness!

Earth Apple Bath Bomb: Combine 8 oz. of baking soda, 4 oz. of citric acid, 4 oz. of cornstarch, 4 oz. of Epsom salts, 3/4 tsp. of water, 2 tsp. each Roman Chamomile and Lavender essential oils and 2.5 tsp. almond oil. Press into a mold then let dry for 24 hours.  Enjoy!

Kris Bitar

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