Jade vs Rose Quartz vs Amethyst Face Rollers

Face rolling has blown up on the beauty scene with everyone from Hollywood stars to yoga instructors to your best friend and their mom smoothing and toning their skin with these insta-worthy tools. 

 Who can we thank for this sparkly new trend?

The new kid on the selfcare block isn’t actually so new.

The use of jade stones in beauty rituals dates way back to 7th century China with other crystals also making appearances in skincare practices throughout the Middle Ages. As we’ve become obsessed with holistic alternatives for health and wellness, it’s no wonder that crystals have seen their reemergence on vanities around the globe.

Ok, face rolling has clearly stood the test of time. What’s all the hype about?

Before you think we’ve discovered the secret location of the Fountain of Youth, the list you are about to read are the immediate and potentially long-lasting effects of face rolling. 

  • Pore minimization
  • Increase blood circulation to reduce inflammation
  • Promote lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination
  • Smooth out fine-lines and wrinkles
  • Toning the skin and increasing elasticity
  • Contouring and sculpting
  • Better absorption of topical serums and creams


If you’re about to run out and buy a face roller (or order one online in your comfy pants) you’ll most likely find face rollers in a few different stone varieties. The three most popular are jade, rose quartz, and amethyst.

So, which one should I choose?

All three stones have the potential to improve the skin in the ways listed above and bring their own unique physical and energetic healing properties to users.


Jade is known as a stone of tranquility, bringing harmony and joy to its owner. The calming green stone, if it is true jade, is not as smooth as other crystals and will have more resistance on the skin which can better address contouring and lifting. 

Rose Quartz

The crystal of unconditional love, this pretty pink stone is best for sensitive skin or those who often deal with inflammation. Rose quartz pulls rosacea from the skin and holds its cool longer than other stones to better eradicate the look of pores and puffiness.


With the power to align those who have lost their way, this deep purple crystal is believed to carry a strong dose of clarity and purpose. It is similar to rose quartz in its ability to calm inflammation and can also help with acne.


Ok, but if you had to pick a winner?...

Everyone’s a winner! By your favorite color, your desires in love, or the shiner that angrily poked its head on your chin, why and which you pick is totally up to you! One thing we’re pretty sure about though, no matter which stone you decide, your face will thank you for getting your roll on.  



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