Jade Facial Roller - Background - Use on the face

Jade Facial Roller - Background - Use on the face (BY TALHA MANIAR)

Background: The original lucky charm, Jade has been used for centuries in a variety of traditions.  China has valued this stone for its beauty and powerful properties, in addition to its protective power. The stone was traditionally fashioned in into a wide assortment of items including: vessels, incense burners, burial items, statues, and even musical instruments. Some cultures utilized the stone’s blessing powers in their weapons. The people of ancient British Isles fashioned the tough stone into sharpened axe heads and various weaponries for protection against their enemies. South of the equator, indigenous tribes in Central & South America used the beautiful stone to carve masks of their deities for rituals. The stone was also offered as sacrifices to water spirits by dropping gems into their wells. This luck has also been tested across metaphysical boundaries by utilizing this gem as a “Dream Stone” to cross to the spiritual world, encourage creativity, and gain heightened access to the world of dreaming. It has also been said to promote all areas of life including longevity, healing, and peaceful passing into the next life. The stone encourages friendship, tranquility, dispelling the negative energies, and clear sight of self.

Use on the face: From disease to appearance, this calming stone can be used to quiet even the shakiest of nerves. It works by balancing the energetic body and soothing the rhythm of the heart. Run this beautiful green stone along your skin to get a quick recharge in the morning, and again at night to remove growing illnesses. Pack this roller in your overnight bag for stressful trips or overnight hospital stays to combat the shock or fear elicited from unfamiliar environments. This roller could be a perfect gift for a budding teenager at their first sleepover to both calm their nerves and introduce a great conversation-starter. Run this stone gently against the skin of smaller children (with adult supervision) to discourage wandering during vacations. Bring yourself out of a rut by including your jade roller in your morning routine to recharge and revive your individualistic ideals. This would be an ideal stone to use before an outdoor adventure as it balances the Life Force energies found in nature and invites this nurturing energy in. Facing a difficult practical decision? Jade will increase your energetic support and protect against deception.

Jade also benefits beneath the skin by enhancing the body’s elimination organs and natural filtration system. In addition to removing toxins, it will balance the water-salt ratio within the face. Flushing the toxins will prime the skin for fresh cells and healthier blood supply, giving you a radiant glow. Jade also has natural antibacterial properties which will be especially beneficial for those with acne or cysts. Those suffering from fibromyalgia will also find relief in the restorative ability of jade to re-bind the cellular and skeletal systems to proper function. Its healing properties can be utilized after plastic or reconstructive surgery, and it is a natural Fountain of Youth wrinkle-reducer. Those struggling with eating disorders may find a balancing response to using the jade rolling along the mouth, throat, and forehead. You could also try repeating a short mantra for wealth to reduce any financial woes!

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