Last week, I opened up a very controversial subject about essential oils and whether or not one can be allergic to them.  It turns out people have very strong opinions on this.  That’s good because it opens the door for communication and learning.  Even the experts can’t totally agree on this so it is good to talk about it and be aware of it.

Today, we can look at what essential oils can be used to help ease seasonal allergies. I think we can all agree that coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, watery, red eyes and painful sinus issues are not fun at all.  My absolutely favorite is the red nose I develop (NOT!).

If you are like me and the allergy symptoms tend to hang on for a while, one of the first things I like to do is add a couple drops of one of these top allergy relievers (ZAQ Lavender, ZAQ Eucalyptus, ZAQ Peppermint,  ZAQ Lemon ZAQ Geranium and Rose Essential Oil) into a cloth handkerchief and breathe in to it several times throughout the day.  Of course, once you get home, diffusing these oils and relaxing with a cup of tea is good for your allergies as well as your soul.  You might also want to try drawing a warm bath with a couple drops of one of these wonderful oils and having a nice, long soak.  Your allergies will thank you.

Of course, we all know to wash our hands.  However, now, more than ever, it is important to keep other people’s germs away from us.  Every time you touch that shopping cart, you are picking up a host of cold germs to go with those allergies. My daughter is such a “germaphobic” that she will wash her hands until they are red and raw.  One trick I learned is to have her apply a lotion or cream that has a few drops of essential oils or an essential oil blend added to it. Remember most essential oils have antiviral, antibacterial and germicidal properties, so just pick your favorite.  This works for us and she doesn’t get the red, raw hands. This happens especially when she used to use those hand sanitizer bottles that contain alcohol.  Now I can just make some little lotion bottles up for her to take with her using the lotion and essential oil combination and that works great.

Another idea I like is the Kleenex with the lotion infused in it.  I add a drop of essential oil to that for sniffles at home.  Not only does it keep the nose from getting red and raw, it feels soothing and smells good, too.  The neighbor kids come over and ask if I have any of that “good smelling Kleenex.”

At night, I use diffusers in my room as well as in my children’s rooms when allergies flare up or the colds and flu hit our house.  It truly helps and there is something very comforting about it.  If you have small children, ZAQ now has the SKY which will diffuse and light up the ceiling with stars.  This is sure to help calm and ensure a better night’s sleep.  It’s so beautiful!

Most importantly, take care of yourself.  You deserve it and so do the ones who count on you every day.

Kris Bitar

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