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Discovering ZAQ’s Diffusers: Noor

Zaq Noor aromatherapy diffuser on reception deskSpecs:

Material Plastic Size 5.9” x 5.0” Capacity 80ml Operating Time 4 hours

One of the most popular diffusers in Zaq’s line up, the Noor model is a small, compact diffuser that’s perfect for small, compact rooms (think 200 – 300 square feet). It’s pyramid design is both modern and ancient – the sleek lines and round body allows it to fit in with any décor, while the conical, triangular shape mimics the mystery of Egyptian pyramids. This model comes in three colors that complement your essence:
  • Pristine white for purity and wholeness
  • Glowing green for balance and growth
  • Vibrant pink for compassion and intuition
Adding to the body color are the built-in, multicolored LED lights. Set it to switch through the range of colors or set it to glow with just one color. The LED lights can be dimmed as well, so you can choose the ambiance that works for you. This diffuser is easy to use – plug it in, fill with water, add oil and press the “on” button. That’s all you need to do to start filling your room (or office, or massage parlor, or yoga studio) with beautiful aromas that de-stress, relax and calm you and your guests. The Noor’s real benefit lies in its unobtrusiveness. Roughly the size of a double roll of toilet paper, it runs silently throughout the day spraying a light mist of diffused essential oils. Compact, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and quiet as a mouse, there’s a reason why the Noor is popular. Discover it for yourself.

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