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Discovering ZAQ’s Diffusers: Gem

Gem glowing Aromatherapy Diffuser


Material – Plastic Size – 8.6” x 7.4” x 5.9” Capacity – 230ml Operating Time – High Mist mode: 8 to 9 hours; Low Mist mode: 13 to 15 hours. Gem is the newest addition to Zaq’s diffuser line up. Its beautiful, glowing design coupled with the soothing smells of essential oils will sooth after a rough day. The high quality, lightweight plastic gives the illusion of glass without the heft or fragility. This model comes in three colors that will remind you of precious gems:
  • Sapphire (aka the destiny stone) embodying the freedom of blue skies
  • Ruby (aka the love stone) inspiring the fire of passion
  • Beryl (aka the health stone) promoting the green energies of life
Emphasizing the gem colors are the lights. Gem has three light settings: oscillating, reminiscent of the waves of the ocean; steady, at a level between dim and bright; and off.  You can choose which setting you use and have control over the ambiance of your room. Designed by a French designer, who was inspired by natural gems (which is where it gets its name), this “genie lamp”-esque diffuser is large enough to cover grand rooms, such as living rooms and waiting rooms, without overpowering smaller rooms. That is due to its dual mist setting – high and low. This diffuser is easy to use – plug it in, fill with water, add essential oil and press the “on” button. That’s all you need to do to start filling your room (or office, or massage parlor, or yoga studio) with beautiful aromas that de-stress, relax and calm you and your guests. In addition to versatility of look and scent, the Gem has a long power cord (5’ 10”), so that you can put it anywhere in a room without having to worry about the location of an outlet. Compact, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and quiet as a mouse, this newest addition to ZAQ’s diffuser line is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Don’t believe us? Read the reviews on

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