Just for today, I am not going to rush.  I am going to observe.  I am going to be mindful. I am going to watch for all the little things I miss when I hurry through my day.  Today, I want to feel and see and know the beauty that is all around me.

Just for today, I am going to sit outside until shadows begin to cast. I am going to feel the sunshine on my face. I am going to feel the wind blow my hair and I am going to notice how peaceful I feel. I am going to notice how it feels to be me.

Just for today, I am going to turn on my ZAQ Bamboo diffuser and choose Clarity Blend Essential oil. I am going to breathe in the healing properties it provides. I am going to close my eyes and exhale slowly. I am going to relax my body and my mind. I am free of all commitments just for now. Just for these moments. Right now, I am taking the time to breathe.

I am thinking of a time without any worries. A time free from demands and deadlines. It is a place that is warm with a light breeze. It is a place of love. I am reading a book, my feet tucked comfortably underneath me and I am sipping a cool glass of lemonade. I don't have to be anywhere. I don't have to do anything. This day is endless and wonderful.

Off in the distance, I hear the laughter of young children and bicyclists leisurely riding by. No one is in a hurry. I can breathe in the essential oil and as I take deeper breaths than normal, I begin to feel all of my muscles relax. I am lost in the moment and I am content. 

I notice a flower that has bloomed. It's petals stretching as if to reach for the sun to give it a hug. A ladybug lands on my arms and folds in her wings. She is not in a hurry to go anywhere either. I can hear a stream near my house. It's such a beautiful sound that I haven't listened to for so long. Carelessly it flows, smoothing the rock bed. As I continue to breathe in the essential oils, I feel such contentment with my life. I realize how much I love and how much I am loved.

Just for today, I am so very thankful. I am happy. I know my life has purpose and joy. I am in no hurry to finish out the day. I take a long drink of my lemonade and I realize how truly amazing my life is.

This is my journey and I am blessed.

Kris Bitar

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