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5 Essential Oil Gifts for Dad

Essential Oil Fathers Day Gift It may come as a surprise, but men appreciate beautiful smells as much as women. Introduce your dad to the wonder of essential oils and aromatherapy this Father’s Day with one of these clever (and easy!) essential oil gifts for dad.

#1 Essential Oil Cologne

Chemical-based cologne can be overpowering and do nothing to improve health and well being throughout the day. Essential oil colognes are subtle and help improve concentration, boost energy throughout the day and even help dad relax a bit on those stressful days. Here are three blends that you can make at home (source):

The energy booster - 4 drops lime, 2 drops ginger, 4 drops sandalwood The brain trainer - 4 drops rosemary, 4 drops lemon, 2 drops peppermint The chill-out scent - 2 drops patchouli, 4 drops sandalwood, 4 drops cedarwood

How to Make Essential Oil Cologne
  1. Pour 20ml (4tsp) jojoba oil into a clean jar.
  2. Choose your fragrance blend.
  3. Add to oil.
  4. Shake.
These blends are safe to use on the body, but not the face. If dad has sensitive skin, reduce the numbers of essential oil drops by half.

#2 A New Aftershave

Essential oils have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, but most cannot be applied directly to the skin without first being blended with carrier oil. All except tea tree oil and lavender. Tea tree oil’s musky, spicy scent is the perfect smell for dad, as it is equal parts earthy and sharp. Tea tree oil helps heal skin blemishes and keeps spots a bay. If your dad has oily skin, you can blend it with lemon and lavender to keep his skin looking soft. If he isn’t a fan of tea tree oil, read our list of other great skin-care essential oils here – stay away from floral and stick to the musky, earthy and spicy scents.

#3 Relieve Sore Muscles

Going to a masseuse or spa may not be high on your dad’s list of things to do, but he still has sore muscles from building that barn the other day. (Ok, maybe it’s more from mowing the lawn or taking out the trash.) Essential oils are excellent for relieving sore muscles – whether it’s in carrier oil, a bath or as a compress.

#4 Bearded Benefits

Is your dad a beard man? Essential oils will help keep his chin mane glowing and soft. Read “Manly Essential Oil Beard Blends” on Growing Up Herbal for the full details on how you can give your dad the best gift… the gift of a beautiful beard.

#5 Energy without the Caffeine

In this day and age, staying energized all day long can often require multiple cups of coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Help dad stay focused without the unnecessary caffeine hit by giving him essential oil infused water or diffusing some energizing oils. Here are a few suggestions: Water Infused with…

Peppermint – sipping this minty water will give him a boost and help him concentrate on the task at hand. Drop a couple drops of consumption-approved peppermint into his water bottle and send him on his day.

Lemon – citrusy and delicious, lemon helps with digestion and will give him a nice, comfortable boost throughout the day.

Diffuse some…

Sandalwood – tell him to use this right before bed and he’ll sleep like a baby. His skin will also feel wonderful, but that’s just a side benefit.

Cypress – use this in the morning to improve concentration and promote normal blood circulation. He’ll feel ready to face the day.

Frankincense – diffuse at work to stimulate the mind and help cope with stress. He’ll come home happier and more confident!

Does your dad have a favorite essential oil? Share it in the comments and help give everyone ideas on what to give their dads this father’s day!    

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