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Why and how obsidian should be part of your morning routine.

(Or mid-afternoon routine, we don’t judge)

While there’s no scientific bases for any stone in skincare, we do know that facial rollers are great for de-puffing your face in the morning and a gua sha massage can reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Both are factastic for help with circulation and to jump start micro-circulation. Obsidian has cleansing abilities that add to these rituals to pull out impurities, and can help with digestion and the gall bladder.

Using obsidian specifically is a great time to practice mindfulness while giving your skin a bit of a boost. Obsidian is one of the most commonly cited stones to strengthen your root chakra. The first and debatably most important chakra, located from the base of the spine, through the pelvic floor, and to the third vertebrae. The root chakra is what grounds you, and keeps you feeling safe. Balancing this chakra is the first step in balancing the rest, if you don’t feel safe, you cannot grow.

This is especially helpful in the morning, take a few minutes (it doesn’t even have to be a full minute) close your eyes and feel the cold stone on your face. Pay attention to the places on your face that give a bit, and places where the stone crosses unyielding bone. Remember that one cannot exist without the other. Let the protective qualities of obsidian fall over you like a cloak, and let it ground you to the day ahead.

Practically, both a roller and gua sha message work to de-puff your face, especially if you pop them in the fridge or freezer overnight. So if you tend to wake up with puffy eyes, have allergies that make you blow up a bit, or even needed a bit of a cry, an obsidian facial roller or quick gua sha massage can help you look put together. And the metaphysical properties can help you feel like it.

Now, theres one more use for a facial roller that has next to nothing to do with anything spiritual, it is, however, a total lifesaver. With a little more force than you’d usually use, rolling these under your eyes and around your cheekbones is one of the most effective ways to help clear out your sinuses, and is quite a bit more inconspicuous that blowing your nose at work or school.

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