We made it!  It was a cold, dark winter.  I've been stuck in the house for most of it.  I live on the west coast near Seattle, and we get a lot of rain anyway; but this winter, it was cold, too.  I had the fireplace going most of the winter as well as using cozy flannel sheets.  I'm done with all of that!  I am ready to open my windows and doors and let the sweet smell of spring in!

I'm just going to admit it, though.  I have dogs.  Three dogs to be exact and they are all rescue dogs.  My lab was abused so he doesn't like to spend a great deal of time outside. He is the only indoor lab I know.  He will go out to go potty, but he wants right back in. My other dog, a chihuahua, was dropped off at my house.  Not potty trained in the least.  I had to keep her, she melted my heart.  The final baby was involved in a vehicle accident and lost her leg.  Thank goodness someone happened upon the scene, found her and rushed her to the vet.  She is so loving so instead of just fostering her until she was better, I adopted her as well.  So, as much as I love them, they smell!

With that being said, I can't always open my windows and doors just because it's spring. As excited as I am about more daylight during the day, I have to find another way to bring in the healthy smells of the new season.  I am so thankful for my ZAQ diffuser for this!

Picture little slices of sunlight through my windows, the cat (oh, yeah, we have one of those, too!) laying on the back of the chair, enjoying the warmth of the sun.  On my coffee table, I have the beautiful Gem diffuser in green.  Its color reminds me of spring, too.  I love the shape of it.  The best part, it is a lightweight plastic but looks like glass.  This way, I don't have to worry about the cat knocking it off and breaking it! It has three settings as well.  It will oscillate, to remind you of the waves of the ocean, and it will stay steady, somewhere between dim and bright and, of course, off.  You have complete control over that, which makes it so versatile.  

When I use my Gem diffuser now that spring has arrived, I can make it seemed like my house has aired out all day.  I just use a few drops of ZAQ's Riches Blend, and the smells of spring come to me!  Those wonderful smells of lavender, mandarin, lemon and Bois de rose in the essential oil reminds me that spring has finally arrived!

Are you glad spring has arrived?

Kris Bitar

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