I decided my family and I needed a weekend trip.  I searched and planned and found and wonderful little place near a beach in Seaside, Oregon.  It was a beautiful cabin yet it had cable and wi-fi so everyone would be happy.  As I unpacked, the kids made fun of me for bringing along my ZAQ Mini Diffuser and Regeneration Blend Essential Oil.  I thought that oil was perfect for our trip. Wonderful smells of black licorice with undercurrents of tart citrus and woodsy notes. Juniper berry, grapefruit, sweet fennel, lemon, cypress and geranium to regenerate mind, body and soul.  Perfect for our woodsy cabin at the beach, even if the kids thought I was crazy for bringing it along with a few other oils. 

Within a few minutes of arriving, my son came running into the cabin crying.  He had cut his finger when he fell in the woods looking for a squirrel.  It's okay, I reassured him, I brought ZAQ Tea Tree Oil we can use for an antiseptic and I have Band-Aids, too!  After cleaning up his cut, I thought to myself what it good idea indeed it was to bring the oils along!  

Later, we decided to barbecue hamburgers.  Now, I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but a hot coal fell out of the grill and landed right on top of my foot! Luckily, I had my ZAQ Lavender Oil and after putting my foot in cold water for a couple of minutes, I put about 8 drops of lavender oil on it and not only did it start feeling better, it healed nicely.  Lavender oil has antibiotic qualities as well!  Good thing I traveled with ZAQ on this weekend trip I thought to myself for the second time this day!

The next morning turned out to be warm and sunny.  I was up before everyone.  How I love to sit on the deck, sip coffee and enjoy the morning.  Until I hear a screech down the hallway that is.  "MOM, THERE IS GUM STUCK IN MY HAIR."  Yep, there sure was.

Not a little bit of gum.  Not a little bit of hair.  One big, flattened wad of gum in her thick, long hair right up at the very top so it can't be cut out.   I know the peanut butter trick, but we didn't bring peanut butter with us.  Now, I thought to myself, if she was just 3 or 4, I'd just cut that right out and she'd never know the difference.  But she is 13, in middle school, and I'd never get away that.  Then, like a lightening bolt, it hits me.  Lemon.

Out comes the ZAQ Lemon Essential Oil.  I add a few drops to the top of her head.  I wait, she wails.  Less than a minute later, I had the gum right out of her hair.  No tugging, pulling, or hair loss.  BOOM - it was out.  ZAQ saved the day for a third time on our little adventure weekend.  

We finally made it to the beach and the rest of the weekend was fun but uneventful. Of course, no one thanked me but I secretly know I was a Super Mom that weekend.  I'm just going to soak in the glory as long as I can.  Some day, they will remember when they have their own kids.  I just hope they remember the ZAQ oils and diffuser and their kids make fun of them! 

Kris Bitar

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