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The Power of 3: Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies

Essential oils for the seasonal allergies Spring has finally sprung! With it comes the beautiful flora and fauna of warmer weather accompanied by the itchy eyes, runny noses and raised skin of seasonal allergies. While the market is flooded with antihistamines produced in a lab, the best source of relief from these irritating symptoms can be found in natural essential oils. In fact, there are three essential oils that are known to be the powerhouse of allergy relief: lavender, peppermint and lemon. You can use these individually or combine them for an effective treatment that is also 100% au naturel.  


An antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, this purple beauty is especially effective at treating skin rashes, headaches and bronchial inflammation.  


A pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, this soothing, cooling, minty scent will open the airways, improve breathing, ease congestion and soothe headaches. It will also give a boost of energy when you’re feeling a bit sluggish (like on rainy days).  


An antihistamine, this citrus wonder eases chronic asthma, cools the inflammation of airways, relieves excess mucus (thus helping with congestion) and combats mental fatigue.  

The Power of 3

Want to combine the power of all three? Put four drops of each oil in your diffuser and enjoy. Take the relief with you by mixing the oils in a bottle, or investing in an aromatherapy inhaler, and enjoying relief on the go.

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