I'm not sure of the exact moment I truly began to relax.  I remember looking down and realizing that the aqua blue summer dress I bought fit great after months of dieting and how closely it matched the color of the ocean as the waves pounded against the sandy white beach.  I loved to sit in my chair with a wonderful book to read, drowning out the faraway sounds of birds looking for leftover crab on the beach and children looking for shells.  I was relaxed and feeling the summer sun on my face.   

I couldn't help but smell the scent of lime from the little tiki bar behind me.  A fresh, cold drink with a splash of lime was beginning to sound wonderful.   The line, however, was a little long so I would read a bit more before rewarding myself with a cold, icy margarita with a slice of lime.  Maybe I would even have two before the little brightly colored tiki bar closed for the day.  It crossed my mind, but only for a second, how a scent of lime could travel down my way for so long of a stretch, but I dismissed it as quickly as it entered my thoughts.  Maybe it just sounded so good, I think the scent is stronger than it is, I reasoned to myself.

After reading a bit more, it seemed only like a moment of time, the line had all but disappeared.  I got up to go indulge in something wonderful and lime flavored.  How odd, I thought, as I stood to walk to the tiki bar, my dress wasn't aqua at all!  It was a bright lime green!  How had I made that mistake?  It wasn't the color of the ocean water. Maybe my sunglasses had made me think it was.  It clearly was the color of the lime I was desiring in a frosty, cool drink I felt I deserved.  It was certainly getting warm outside and now that the line was down, it was time to act!  

Strolling over to the little hut, I felt it was taking a very long time to reach my goal.  I kept smelling the lime but felt as though I wasn't getting any closer to my designation.  I could see the man asking me what I would like but I was too far away to answer him.  I wanted to tell him he must use the best limes in the world because it's all I have been able to smell for hours (at least it seemed like hours) or was it minutes?  I felt confused all of a sudden and then it happened...

I awoke from a nap.  I had been packing for a family trip and sat down to rest for a few minutes.  However, the lime smell was very real. That's because ZAQ has new scents!  I was trying  Lime Organic 100% Pure Essential Oil* in my diffuser. The dream may not have happened yet, but the scent was real!  It is also perfect for diffusing or mixing with one of their new carrier oils, Grape Seed Oil* and/or Golden Jojoba Oil*.  Both of these new oils by ZAQ can be used with any of their essential oils for therapeutic application to the skin.  

I'm going to hope my vacation goes as nicely as my dream.  However, I already know that ZAQ's new Lime Organic 100% Pure Essential Oil smells just as fresh as it is real! You will love it, even if you're not on vacation but just want to feel like you are. 

*Available soon!



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