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Spring has Sprung (and it's glorious)

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” ~ Doug Larson

Larson has it right - there’s just something about spring that keeps us smiling even when the weather turns a bit sour. Maybe it’s the fact that we know the warm weather is just around the corner, or that there’s just a few more minutes of sunshine with every new day. Whatever it is, we can’t help feeling a bit more optimistic when the seasons change.

New Beginnings

Buds on the trees. Green grass sprouting out of the mud. Baby animals roaming around. All of the familiar (and stereotypical) sights of spring represent new beginnings. Take the changing of the season as a sign that you should look for the new beginnings in your life - maybe it’s starting a new exercise regime that takes you outside more; or enrolling in an art class to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever it is, take the leap and start something new this spring.

Fresh Smells

On your walk the other day, you sniffed it, didn’t you? The smell of green grass, fresh air and, dare we say, flowers? It’s a wonderful smell and it can make returning to that stuffy apartment or dusty home a bit of a downer. This weekend, make the most of the warm weather to clean out the cobwebs - you’ll find that cleaning house will also get those nasty cobwebs out of your mind too. It’ll help you really enjoy the weather as it gets warmer and warmer (and sunnier and sunnier… so excited!) Unfortunately, a side effect of all these new smells and scents are allergies. Flowers are coming out of hibernation to plague your eyes, nose and throat! We’ve got The Power of 3: Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies right here for you.

Speaking of Warm Weather

The weather changing, temperature slowly but surely climbing upwards toward the sweltering heat of summer (let’s not think about that right now), has a different effect on everyone. Some people get sick - think nasty winter cold sick - simply because their bodies don’t adjust well to temperature or pressure changes. Find your favorite immune-system-boosting essential oil and ensure you really get to enjoy the warmer weather.

Put a Spring in your Step

In the coming months, make it a point to go walking more. You don’t really need a reason either - just go outside and enjoy the weather. When you walk each day, you can really enjoy the changing seasons up close and personal. You’ll also get to watch as people - and restaurants - put their patio furniture out. Witness the seasons change as it happens, instead of letting it fly by outside while you’re working in the dim, artificial light indoors.

Festivals Around the World

If you have the opportunity to travel this spring, think about visiting one of these exciting Spring festivals. You won’t be disappointed!

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