Speaking the Language of Fall with Essential Oils

Fall has its own unique personality.  By now, early November, we are seeing beautiful grenadine red, tawny maple colored leaves blended in with golden lime, chocolate brown, and burnt orange colors that make up this glorious season.  Fall has it own distinctive scents as well.  They seem hardier than last season.  Rich with the warm smells of apples, cinnamon, orange, and clove.  Yes, fall is a season noteworthy of deep colors and cozy smells.  I love fall.

When my children were younger, I actually looked forward to farmstead visits.  I would search out distinct farms within our state or the next state over and try to visit a new one every year.  One of our favorite, when the children were small, was Remlinger Farms in Carnation, Washington.  Not only can you find baby animals to pet, there are all kinds of rides, slides and pony rides!  Not to mention hay jumping, corn on the corn and a good old-fashioned country store. It became "our thing" to do something in the fall so we could experience fall as a family.

For most fall days, we are stuck at home though.  Instead of missing out of those smells, I found these wonderful essential oil blends to bring us all the joys of fall every day.  I want to share them with you because if you love fall like I do, you will truly enjoy these.

Mulled Cider (FabulousFarmGirl.com)

Mulled Cider is so wonderful!  You can even enjoy it while sipping on a cup of hot cider.  

Autumn Air (HelloGlow.co)

I love the crisp, clean and fresh smell to this one.  Especially on a crisp afternoon.

Fall Spice Diffuser Blend (DontMessWith Mama.com)

I love this one when I am cooking.  It makes the house feel so inviting.

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves brings in the slightly earthy, sweet scent from outdoors with warmth.  It makes me feel happy.

I truly hope you will enjoy the scents of diffusing fall as much as I do.  Grab a warm cup of coffee or cider, sit by a crackling fire in a cozy sweater and take in the wonderful aroma of fall with these great essential oil blends.  Enjoy!

Kris Bitar

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