In a cabin, deep, deep in the woods snow lands on the roof top without sound. In fact, no sounds come from anywhere. The trees quietly gather the white glistening flakes falling from the sky. The world is a calm, serene place. Nature is providing a refuge from the daily stress of this thing we call life. We become in tune with nature's harmony and ease into its delicate balance. Here, in the cabin, deep, deep in the woods we are part of nothing but the warmth of the fire and the falling snow that comes down with each unique snowflake. Evening happens upon us and we see the trees sparkle with the last of daylight.

Inside the cabin the scents of black licorice, tart citrus and warm woodsy notes evoke a time when we began coming to the cabin. Juniper berry, grapefruit, sweet fennel, lemon, cypress and geranium bring to us the regenerating feeling we first felt years ago when we visited the cabin in our youth. Although you are calm, you can feel your body begin to detox, lift and let go. You feel soothed and your mind clears.  Your soul has found its calming place in the cabin, deep, deep in the woods.  

The ZAQ Galaxy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser reflects in the window, projecting light on the soft, white walls, as the sun finishes out it's day and leaves us with it's quiet purpose, allowing us to reach a state of total inclusion with our world of peace and love. We can hear the stream near the cabin.  It's light trickle of water is soothing. Our stresses follow the stream down it's path and take away all that ails our body and mind. No more are we a part of anything that isn't joyful and calm. Breathing in, we can feel the sweet fennel and lemon release us to enjoy our time at the cabin. Grapefruit, cypress and Juniper berry fill our mind with warm thoughts of our family and friends as the light mist of the diffuser suspends our worries and fears from a time that no longer belongs to us. We have let go. The deep strength of black licorice takes us back to a childhood filled with trust. We are surrounded with a regenerative feeling that all is right with the world in our cabin, deep, deep in the woods.

In a cabin, deep, deep in the woods this world is ours, and ours alone. Breathing deeply, we are serene, safe and time has lost all momentum. We are fully regenerated and at peace.

How do you regenerate?

 By Kris Bitar

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