Remember when your significant other showered you with roses and ran a hot bath for you? The sweet scent of peppermint 100% essential oil surrounded you, your towel warmed by your significant other's kind, capable hands near the crackling fire? You knew that when you got out of the tub, there would be a freshly poured, cool glass of white wine waiting and all the dishes would be washed and put away. Yeah, me either.
My advice, ditch that dream and pamper yourself with the Dew diffuser from ZAQ. Instantly indulge yourself in only 100% pure oils. Go on, you deserve the best. You truly are awesome.  There is no need for anyone but you to pamper you! Look in that mirror - you deserve it, Baby!  
Who picked up the kids from daycare? You did! Who helped with homework? You did! Who cooked dinner, fed the dog, read books to the kids? You! That's who! You even picked up all the garbage that spilled from the trash can when the wind knocked it over. You Did This! You Are Amazing!
Go to your shiny, clean kitchen (that YOU cleaned), find the biggest wine glass you can find and pop open a bottle of that wine you got on sale yesterday! Fill it up, throw a towel in the dryer so it's warm when you get out, and enjoy those amazing 100% pure essential oils that you bought from ZAQ. Be your own best Valentine!  
This Valentine's day, send yourself a card  so it arrives on February 14th, watch comedies on TV and laugh too loud, eat an entire box of chocolates if you want. It's your day! Be you, wonderful you!  You can even play all those love songs you uploaded on Spotify and dance around the room singing to yourself - be loud! Be You! Be the best Valentine you know how to be! Go ahead, eat all the strawberries you are saving for your kid's lunch. Cuddle with your cat - he may even want to dance around the room with you listening to the music you put on earlier. But first, indulge in that hot bath with your oils. Forget the rose pedals, though. They plug up the Jacuzzi jets and you don't want to clean that out later.  
It just gets better, too. Remember, tomorrow all the Valentine's candy will be half-off!  
Happy Valentine's Day, Wonderful You!
Kris Bitar

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