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Outdoor Activites for Winter

Winter has reared it’s chilly face. The white, unbroken snow covering your yard is beautiful from the comfort of your home, but the idea of going outside - yikes, OUTSIDE? - into the snowy expanse can make even the ultra-active person shake with sympathy chills. We're here to let you know that going outside in the winter is fun… No, it really is! And fun for all ages. Here are a few activity ideas to get you out of the house and put a little bit of pink in those cheeks. Just remember to bundle up appropriately!

The Usual Ideas

All snow bunnies know about the usual snow-based activities: skiing, snowboarding, sledding. We would also add snowshoeing and cross country skiing (instead of downhill). Downhill skiing, snowboarding and sledding are adrenaline packed activities that’ll get your heart racing and make you laugh. While snowshoeing and cross country skiing are more relaxed activities that will allow you to take in the countryside as you traverse on top of the unbroken snow… Leaving a trail in your wake.

Explore your community

Most big cities will have a winter festival, designed for kids but also open to adults who want to get outside and feel like a kid again. St. Paul in Minnesota, Saranac Lake in New York, Dartmouth in New England and more have festivals that start in January and go on until February. You can see a more complete list here.

Get Creative

Have kids? Build a snow fort and declare a snowball competition - either in the form of a “fight” or make it a simply ball-throwing contest. Don’t have kids? Do the exact same thing with your other adult-like friends. Trust us, it’ll be a blast. If you’re not into building your own snow palace or waging war with fluffy balls of snow, build a snowman instead. Or, go that extra mile with some spray paint to create colored 3D sculptures that will impress your neighbors.

Play a Game

There are a lot of different games you can play outside. They range from a backyard scavenger hunt (make colored ice cubes and hide them all around; or make a list of frozen things that everyone needs to find) to pin the smile on the snowman (pretty self explanatory). For the golfer in the group, make a mini golf course by packing down the snow and burying tin cans (mark them with tiny homemade flags) - try using brightly colored golf balls instead of the regular white wines to ensure you don’t lose them if someone chips wide.

End with a Bonfire

What better way to end the day than with a large (controlled) fire, marshmallows and hot chocolate? Of course, always check with your hometown’s regulations first to make sure you can actually build a fire. Always remember that the great outdoors are just that, great. Winter or summer, it doesn’t matter - a little bit of fresh air and a lot of laughter with friends and family will keep you smiling until the sun returns! Share your favorite outdoor activities with us on our Facebook page!

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