If you have little ones that are afraid of monsters in the closet, under the bed or hiding in the bathroom so they don't have to brush their teeth - do I have the answer for you!  Monster Spray!  It works.  All of our monsters are gone.  They try to sneak in once in a while, just to test us.  Maybe a time here and there if we've stayed up too late.  But, I know I am on the back side of Monsterville with this trick!  This is how I discovered it.

It was a dark and rainy night.  We had been playing games and eating popcorn and no one wanted to go to bed without one more drink, one more kiss; you know the drill.  Anyways, all of a sudden, I hear footsteps running down the hall and a very excited voice belting out, "MOM, THERE'S A MONSTER IN MY CLOSET! I SAW IT!  IT WAS WATCHING ME!"  I opened the closet and guess what?  No monster.  Anywhere.  Fifteen minutes later, Child B comes running down the hall, the same story.  This is one quick and busy monster.  I can't seem to find him.  Both children look at me like I am a complete failure as a parent.  Both children end up in bed with me.  

The next morning I wake up, very unrested.  I have to either find this monster or beat him at his own game.  I sit down to a warm cup of coffee, turn on my ZAQ diffuser and I get an ah-ha moment!  I am going to beat that monster at his own game.  I find two spray bottles, fill them with water and tell Child A and Child B to pick their favorite scent of ZAQ Essential Oil.  Child A chooses Lavender Essential Oil.  I could have called that one.  He is always asking me to put that one in the diffuser. It calms the mind and manages nerves; good choice.  Child B chooses Protect Blend.  Okay, I think, calms anxieties and stress, makes sense to me.  We add a few drops to the water-filled spray bottles and I let them in on my plan.

Tonight, I whisper in my best top-secret plan voice, we sneak in your rooms before you go to bed, spray the closet, under the bed, the bathroom, the entire bedroom with this Anti-Monster Spray and he won't dare show up.  This magic spray comes from plants and monsters don't like plants because they are healthy.  It would be like eating a salad.  Monsters aren't going to eat a salad!  Both Child A and Child B agree with wide-eyes and strong head shakes.  I knew my plan had a chance!

That night, we put our plan into action.  We started in Child A's room.  Sprayed it down.  Got the closet extra good.  Just in case, I left the spray on his nightstand.  Repeated these steps with Child B. 

Turned on a movie and waited.  Nothing.  No footsteps running down the hall.  No monster.  I enjoyed a glass of wine and congratulated myself.  Thank you, ZAQ for also making really good Monster Spray!

Besides your diffuser, what do you use ZAQ Essential Oils for? 

Kris Bitar


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