There is still summer left and I'm hearing, "I'm bored!" around my house.  If you are hearing the same thing, I found some easy-peasy craft ideas using essential oils that you can use with your kids or those birthday parties you still have to plan for!  Best of all, most of the items you'll need, you probably already have.  I didn't think of these ideas myself so I will give credit where credit is due but I did try them out and guess what, they work and they were a BIG HIT in my neighborhood!

This one is my favorite, suggested by Sarah Titus, called Poka Dot Slime:



  • 2 five-ounce bottles of clear school glue
  • Liquid starch
  • Craft pom poms (any size)
  • 3 drops of essential oil (your choice! I tend to like the citrus like lime or orange for kids)


Pour glue into a bowl along with Lavender essential oil.

Add liquid starch a little bit at a time (in tablespoons) and stir well in between each tablespoon.

(Always shake the liquid starch container well before use. Keep adding the liquid starch until the slime is no longer stringy or sticking to the bowl).

Knead to make it uniform, then add your pom poms and knead them in as well. Enjoy!

polka dot slime.jpg   Cool, right?


I have had this recipe for years except now I can add a few drops of essential oil to it to make it even better.  This one is really fun but you have been warned, keep it outside, it will stick to carpeting!  I learned the hard way long ago!

  • 1cups warm water
  • 2 cups Elmer's white glue
  • food coloring of choice
  • Few drops of essential oil of choice (lemon for yellow, lime for green, etc.)
  • 1cups warm water
  • 3 teaspoons Borax


  1. In one container mix 1 1/2 cups warm water, white glue, a few drops of food coloring and a few drops of essential oil.
  2. In a second container mix 1 1/3 cups of warm water and Borax.
  3. Mix the Borax mixture into the glue mixture until combined. (may be some liquid in bottom of container).
  4. Place Fubber on a tray and let stand for a few minutes before playing with it!
  5. Store in air tight container or I used a Ziplock bag.  

flubber.pngKids love this and they will play with it forever if you let them!

This last one, because I'm a teacher, I LOVE!  It is suggested by Krissy at and is such a wonderful idea for kids who may need some winding-down time during the day and still have fun.  Here is her wonderful idea:

Sensory Play Moon Sand


  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 4 cups whole-wheat flour
  • 1 cup baby oil
  • a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil 
  • lots of  diggers or cars 

Mix the flour and oil together until thoroughly combined and then sprinkle over a few drops of the lavender oil. Tip the moon sand into a sensory tray (this one has a lid for storing the diggers, but Amazon seemed to have several at a reasonable price) or large container and add in lots of diggers to play with.

She then suggests the DIGGER WASH:

After playing in all of that moon sand, the diggers are going to be in need of a good wash. Following on with a digger wash is a great way to extend the activity. Playing with water can be quite calming in itself for children as well and with the addition of a few more drops of lavender oil, this will help to take it to the next level.

Fill a large deep dish with warm soapy water along with a few drops of lavender oil and place this into the center of a sensory tray or up on a towel on the floor and throw in all of the diggers for washing. The lay out a towel for them to dry out on.

Don't you LOVE this?  I really do!  I think this is a great idea for all kids as well.  It's like a little break without even knowing you're having one because it's still fun!  Here is her picture so you can get the full effect:

truck pic.jpgWonderful, wonderful idea for using essential oil and play!

Those are three of the ideas I found that I just love and I think our children will enjoy while the sun is still out to fight boredom.  Even though school is right around the corner, we have to savor what is left of our summer.  If you have ideas for children using essential oils, I would love to hear about them!  

Kris Bitar

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