I had a friend recently ask me if I had tried the strawberry oil in my diffuser.  I have to admit, I looked at her a little funny.  When she went on to talk about the blueberry oil, I began to squint my eyes and turn my head to the left.  When she finally said how much she enjoyed coconut cream pie oil, I knew we weren't enjoying the same type of oils!  I felt a need to explain to her the huge difference between the oils I use and what she was using.  I also needed to tell her why what she was using could be harmful to her health!

You see, I did my research.  I believe in ZAQ products because they are 100% pure essential oils.  What my friend was using is almost always a synthetic product.  It isn't 100% pure.  She is using manufactured scents that are artificially created.  In fact, I found some interesting fragrance oils online.  You could enjoy Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil, Beer Fragrance Oil, Garden Dirt Fragrance Oil or Butt Naked Fragrance Oil.  I have no idea about that last one, and I don't want to even know! Because they are synthetic, they are usually inexpensive, but you will be breathing in potentially toxic chemicals which are not good for your body at all.   (Do you want to breathe in a monkey fart anyways?)

ZAQ does not add artificial anything to their products.  It is 100% pure and grown in nature. Essential oils contain the true aromatic essence of the plants that they are derived from.  What essential oils are able to do, are enter the body through the skin via bath, massage or breathing in the wonderful aroma, and enhance your mood, invoke various feelings of alertness (Lemon), promote concentration (Eucalyptus), provide emotional benefits (Balanced Blend), and promote happiness and lessen anxiety (Tranquility Blend), just to name a few of ZAQ's wonderful Essential Oils.  Also, a little goes a long way with essential oils. 

I think the benefits of essential oils far outweigh fragrance oils.  I think of it as essential oils are for healing the body emotionally, physically and mentally.  Fragrance oils are just for perfuming - and it really isn't good to breathe.  That being said, is there any reason not to choose ZAQ's 100% Pure Essential Oils?  I'm enjoying Sweet Orange Essential Oil right now.  Wonderful!

By the way, for those of you following my journey, it's going well!

Kris Bitar

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