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In The Yoga Studio: Top 5 Essential Oil Blends

Creating the right atmosphere in your yoga studio is as important as executing the perfect yoga session – the sounds, sights and smells have the potential to distract from your practice. Or they can enhance it. As we’ve mentioned (in this blog post), essential oils are being used more and more in yoga studios to help relax the body, stimulate the mind and create a deeper, more powerful experience. We’ve done the research and found the 5 best essential oil blends that you should be using in your studio!

#1 Refreshed, Balanced & Uplifted

2 drops each of:

Cedar wood Geranium Orange

The grounding cedar wood, uplifting and calming geranium and invigorating orange give a mental boost that helps your mind deal with the uncertainties of the day. Use this in your early morning to mid-morning sessions to give your clients the right mind-frame to face the day.  

#2 Confident & Strong

2 drops each of:

Cedar wood Rose Rosemary

This blend promotes confidence and emotional strength by giving balance and inspiration while also reducing the effects of stress. Use this in mid-morning to noon sessions for business professionals and anyone about to walk into a stressful meeting or interview.  

#3 Energized & Clear-headed

2 drops each of:

Basil Rosemary Lime

Basil and rosemary promote breathing, allowing your energy to flow properly through your body, while lime sparks the innovative part of your mind. Use in your post-lunch to afternoon sessions for an energy boost.  

#4 Calm & Relaxed

2 drops each of:

Orange Rosemary Lavender

A very soothing and relaxing blend, the orange invigorates the mind while the rosemary and lavender sooth any anxieties. Use this in afternoon to early evening sessions to de-stress after work and prepare for an evening of family and friends.  

#5 Even more relaxed

2 drops Bergamot 1 drop Chamomile 1 drop Clary sage

This blend relaxes the mind and promotes sleep – all three ingredients are calming and relaxing for a potent blend to help even the most severe of insomniacs. Use this in your evening sessions to help clients prepare their minds for a night of pleasant dreams.

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