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How to Have a Balanced Morning with Essential Oils

Sitting down this morning to enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee, I looked out the window to the strangely fogged in day. It was cold as well so I had the fireplace going. Amazingly, the children were still sleeping. Finally, I was comfortable in my morning. Sounds relaxing, right? Well, I will tell you this isn’t how my morning started out. Oh, no, no, no.

I got up this morning and stepped right in a perfectly positioned puddle of pee from our puppy. All I remember was that it was it was really cold. After  putting out the puppy (to run around the yard, I guess. He’d already done his business by my bed!), I headed for the kitchen for a much-needed cup of coffee. That didn’t happen because I stepped straight down and hard on and stray Lego. If you have ever stepped on a Lego, you can feel my pain.  While waiting for the coffee to brew, I quickly washed the dishes that someone left in the sink overnight. I can’t relax knowing there are dishes in the sink; one of those weird quirks of mine. I realized the stress was starting to build and since it was Saturday, all I wanted to do was have a few minutes to myself before the day began.

Finally, the coffee finished brewing and I walked toward to the door to let the puppy back inside with my hot coffee in hand. Whoosh, like the bouncing ball of energy that she is, she ran right into me and coffee sloshed everywhere. At this point, I was thinking about heading back to bed!

I’m not a quitter, I said to myself. I clean up, refill my cup and gingerly head toward my chair. I spy the remote control and a soft blanket lying in wait for me. I make it and sit down to enjoy the steaming hot cup of coffee, gazing out the window to a strangely fogged in day. This is where it gets good.

Without hesitation, I know what I need and I reach over, turn on my ZAQ Mirage Diffuser and begin to enjoy the calming effects of Balance Blend essential oil. I can feel my anxiety disappear and the stress of my morning leave me. I begin to feel my positive spirit return. Thankfully, oh, so thankfully, all is well in my world again. I feel relaxed, calm and happy.

The blend of ylang ylang, lavender, bergamot and juniper berry in the Balanced Blend  essential oil has given me back my peaceful morning. I am joyful.

What’s your story?

Kris Bitar


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