Softly falling snow upon the outdoor Christmas lights setting off a dim glow of red, orange, green and blue and adding height to snowmen built earlier in the day, homes appear tranquil to the outside seer.   The sound of snowfall peculiar to cold winter days sounds loud, yet demure at the same time.  The outside world is humbled by the snowy presence of nature and is still, awaiting dawn.

Inside the homes are families busying themselves with Christmas traditions of tree trimming, cooking hearty foods and settling in by a warm fire.  Even the dog is happy to just lie in front of the warmth and sleep, one eye open in case a morsel of food should drop.  

The home is filled with the aroma that draws one to realize that it truly is the Christmas season.  With the glowing light set on red, a ZAQ Galaxy diffuser transforms the living room into glowing stars set against a tall Christmas tree decorated in traditional red and green lights and decorations.  The smells of Christmas love and joy emit quietly and fill the space with the spicy fragrance of cinnamon which is warming, comforting and strengthening. The diffusing scent of cinnamon is welcoming to mom as she tries to complete last minute gift wrapping and maintain her resolve. 

Grandma is helping out in the kitchen, cooking a large ham secretly admiring the snow falling under the glow of the streetlight.  It is comforting somehow and she goes about her task enlivening.  In the kitchen corner, away from the hustle and bustle of cooking, sits ZAQ's Dew diffuser, releasing the richest smells to your holiday home, Clove Bud essential oil.  Known for the wonderment of the Christmas spirit as well creating an inviting environment.

Upstairs, near the beds and bath, quietly vaporizes the ZAQ Swirl, with its soft light that mimics the natural lighting of a setting sun, realizing ZAQ's Organic Sweet Orange essential oil.  The home smells amazingly fresh and full of holiday cheer.  A family of love live under this roof and are about to celebrate the season together.

Outside, the snow has slowed and the remaining snowflakes dance lazily to the ground.  Inside, however, a family comes together as one to share in love, joy and peace.  This is a home built on tradition and caring, laughter and hope.  A tight-knit family in a town that could be anywhere and sharing in a relaxing and aromatic Christmas.  

Merry Christmas!

Kris Bitar

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