I love to travel!  I enjoy seeing new things, staying in a hotel, being away from home responsibilities and most of all, hanging out at the pool.  This year, I have a new plan for getting from my house to my destination, however, and it involves the wonderful aroma of essential oils.  After a little research and talking to a few friends, I learned quite a bit and I wanted to share that with you!  And, did you know, can take your essential oils with you on a plane in your carry-on as long as they are 3.4 ounces or less and fit into a quart-sized, clear plastic bag?  This was news to me and happy news at that!

First of all, while waiting in that looooong line so they can look in your purse and carry- on luggage, I always have a bottle of cold water with a little bit of ZAQ 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil added, maybe 2-3 drops.  I know I have to throw out the bottle before my turn, but I know I am rejuvenating my energy, the airport is a long drive for me, and it really tastes great!  

If you are like me, I tend to feel a bit of motion sickness if I hit any type of turbulence. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I learned that there are two great essential oils to help with this.  ZAQ 100% Pure Essential Peppermint Oil and ZAQ's soon to be released, and much anticipated by me, Pink Grapefruit 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil.  Once seated on the plane, simply add a few drops to a Kleenex and casually inhale to feel better.  You can also use either of these oils in your Tour car diffuser as well for the ride to the airport if needed.

When you finally get to the hotel, if you notice a stale smell, try packing a small spritz bottle (I bought one at the Dollar Store) and use any citrus oil, for example, ZAQ Sweet Orange or ZAQ Lemon with a little water and spray around the room.  You could even use it as a "Poo-Pourri" to get rid of funky bathroom smells during your stay.

Once you are finally able to kick off your shoes and relax, use your oils to add a little flavor to your drink.  Who needs all those sugary calories of the high priced tropical drinks?  Just add a couple drops of your favorite citrus oil to spice up your favorite gin and tonic or whatever else you choose to enjoy and have a happy vacation with your essential oils!

Kris Bitar

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