I never forget my mom on Mother's Day andI never I'm sure you don't either.  But this isn't about our moms.  This is about the mom that doesn't have anyone to celebrate with.  This is about a forgotten mom who is no longer forgotten.  This is a reminder to remember those moms on Mother's Day, too.

I have to admit, I wasn't the one who noticed Mrs. Wedman was always alone.  It was my own mother.  Last Mother's Day, she had given Mrs. Wedman a ZAQ Lumin Diffuser.  Mrs. Wedman likes to read, crochet and sew in the evenings and the nice light helps with that.  It has several light and mist settings as well.  My mom tells me Mrs. Wedman was surprised and overjoyed with the gift.  She got tears in her eyes and thanked my mom over and over.

You see, apparently, Mrs. Wedman has agoraphobia.  She is afraid to go outside for fear she will have a panic attack.  She has her little dog that she lets go in and out to the backyard and that's it.  She has groceries delivered and she has no family.  My mom's gift meant the world to her.  My mom told her that her dog, Rusty, told her to buy it for her and Mrs. Wedman laughed through tears mom said.

Mom and I both thought Mrs. Wedman Mother's Day was the best Mother's Day for all of us.  We had no idea she was so alone.  Now, for any celebration I can think of, Earth Day (Tranquility Blend for peace, happiness, and balance) Easter (Protect Blend for a brain boost), Labor Day (Regeneration Blend to regenerate mind, body and soul),  you name it, I try to bring Mrs. Wedman a ZAQ Essential Oil for her to enjoy.  I always sign it, "Love, Rusty."  I think he appreciates that, too.

I am sure my mom would approve.  I lost my mom that year.  I keep Mrs. Wedman close.  My mom taught me a very valuable lesson that Mother's Day.  It goes something like this: Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

I do, Mom.  Happy Mother's Day.

Kris Bitar




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