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Find Confidence: Balance your Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra, or Vishudda, is the fifth primary chakra according to Hindu tantra tradition (the beliefs, meditations and rituals that channel the energy of the universe into the body to promote mental, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being). Throat Chakra covers the neck, shoulders, throat, ears and mouth; according to the tantra, throat chakra is the center of creativity and self-expression, which makes sense since more people communicate with their mouths and ears. It is also known as the purification center of the body, where the nectar “amrita” (the energy of the universe) becomes pure or poison. If your throat chakra is balanced and healthy, you get pure amrita; if your throat chakra is unbalanced, you get poison. So let’s take a look at how you can keep your throat chakra balanced and purify the energy of the universe!

Balancing Act

Here are a few of the easiest ways to ensure your throat chakra stays balanced!

Sing - make beautiful noise with that mouth of yours. It’s what it was made for!

Stay hydrated - water, tea and other soothing beverages are the key here; nothing high in sugar, starch or unnatural chemicals

Eat right - soups, sauces, fruits and veggies are on the menu for that all important throat

See blue - the throat chakra’s color is blue, so when you meditate, think about that color - picture a bright summer sky - it’ll help your body focus

Pamper your neck - and by this we mean soak in a bath, get massage or do something relaxing. Take the stress out of your neck and shoulders to keep that energy flowing

Tell the truth with kindness - since throat chakra is self-expression, the type of communication you do will effect its balance. Kindness and truth are key. Lies and cruelty are bad…. in general really.

Chakra Aromatherapy

Want to improve your chakra with your daily essential oil aromatherapy routine? Try to incorporate woody and/or antiseptic aromas. Here are a few that’ll work:

Benzoin Cajeput Eucalyptus Frankincense Jasmine Myrrh Neroli Peppermint Pine Rose Sandalwood Tea Tree Ylang ylang

Symptoms of Imbalance

Just in case you can’t keep your balance, here are a few symptoms of imbalance to give you advanced warning on when you should re-read “balancing act” above. An unbalanced throat chakra can lead to sore throat or more serious problems, like laryngitis. Doubt and negativity will seep into your daily through and can overwhelm you. Are you thinking poisonous thoughts? Your throat chakra is probably out of balance. This could mean one of three things has happened:


If this is the case, you’ll find you have trouble expressing yourself and feel unhappy, like you’re muzzled and no one seems to want to listen to you.


If this is the case, you’ll find you have trouble expressing yourself and feel as if people often misunderstand you or misinterpret you. Think feeling like you’re whispering to a friend with the roar of a waterfall beside you. It just won’t work but you need to move to fix it!


If this is the case, you will be very confident - arrogantly so. You’ll find that you're sharp-tongued, very opinionated, critical and mean. If you are a nice person and notice that you’re now capable of making people cower before you, maybe you should take a moment to mediate on the color blue… Just saying.

Keep your chakra balanced and healthy and you’ll find the energy of the universe flowing through you, challenges becoming learning experiences and creativity welling up inside your head. It’s a great feeling!

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