Featured Video: Tour - The Ultimate Road Trip Diffuser

by Bishal Adhikary
Every summer, more and more Americans are putting the pedal to the metal, the rubber on the road, to explore the great vacation spots of our fair country. Yes, we’re talking road trips! Summertime fun in the form of packing the family in the car and visiting the great all-American sights! We suggest you take the Tour aromatherapy diffuser on the road with you this summer - this compact, travel-ready aromatherapy diffuser will:

Help keep motion sickness at bay (grapefruit and/or patchouli essential oils), Help you stay alert during long stretches of road (peppermint or cinnamon essential oils) and Even calm energetic children (lemon or lavender). Share your favorite road trip essential oils with us on Facebook!

When you get to your nighttime stop, you can use the Tour to help you sleep in that unfamiliar locale. Or, unpack your Mini diffuser for an added nighttime glow. Watch the video below to find out more about how you can take the Tour on the road with you this summer. https://youtu.be/mZr5aOd0SkA Pack your ZAQ and get ready to enjoy your summer vacation, wherever it takes you! Share your vacation stories with us on our Facebook page!