Face masks are great at hydrating the skin and removing impurities. The right face mask can address your specific skin concerns and more! Gel masks, particularly, are the most powerful skincare invention as they are infused with collagen and antioxidants that help your skin to recover from whatever it is going through.


A variety of gel face masks are offered by ZAQ that can tackle any skin concern of yours. Starting with the Ice Blue Gel Face Mask which is a blue hydrogel face mask that provides a toning ice cube effect. The ingredients in the Ice Blue Gel Face Mask are what make it so great for all skin types. Vitamin E helps to prevent signs of aging, keeps skin hydrated and compliments your SPF. Hyaluronic acid hydrates dry skin, helps reduce wrinkles, soothes sores, sunburns, eye discomfort and repairs wounds. A powerful anti-aging compound in this mask is seaweed collagen which prevents damage to the amino acids in your skin and protects and reinforces cell membranes. Lastly, vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals and toxins in the air. It also stimulates collagen production, reduces hyperpigmentation and maintains skin hydration. Overall, the Ice Blue Gel Face Mask provides anti-aging, brightening, firming and hydrating benefits.

The 123 Ready Honey & Copper Hydrating Gel Face Mask is an intensely hydrating mask for a glowing complexion and plump youthful-looking skin. This mask is targeted towards skin types that are dry, dull, have uneven texture and not enough elasticity. The ingredients this mask is infused with that make it so pleasing for the skin are hyaluronic acid and seaweed collagen. The hyaluronic acid soothes irritation in the skin, provides hydration and reduces wrinkles while the seaweed collagen renews skin cells and fights signs of aging.


It is widely known that gold has many benefits for the skin. Along with anti-inflammatory properties, gold can reduce skin redness as well as protect the skin against free radicals that lead to sun damage and wrinkles. Gold even aids in cell renewal, brightens your face and rejuvenates the skin.

ZAQ provides 2 types of gold face masks. One is the 24k Gold Lift & Firm Gel Face Mask and the other is the 24k Pure Gold Leaf Facial Mask. The 24k Gold Lift & Firm Gel Face Mask is for all skin types. The mask helps firm, lift, brighten and soothe the skin while providing a magnificent glow. Packed with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, seaweed collagen and vitamin C, this particular mask tackles all of your skin concerns. The vitamin E prevents signs of aging, hydrates and calms the skin while vitamin C targets hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen production. Hyaluronic acid reduces wrinkles, soothes sores, repairs wounds and reduces eye discomfort. Additionally, seaweed collagen encourages cell turnover and provides anti-aging benefits. The 24k Pure Gold Leaf Facial Mask promotes firmer and younger looking skin, encourages collagen production and slows down signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Deep cleanse your face preferably with a cleansing oil or your choice of cleanser. Remove the mask from its packaging and carefully unfold it. Apply the mask on dry skin that is free of any products, dirt or oil. Ensure that the mask is lined up with your face shape, eyes, nose and mouth. Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes. After removing the mask, massage in its contents and apply your favorite moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Make sure to discard it after use. You can use these masks daily or as needed.


Gel eye masks reduce puffiness, dark circles, and soothe inflammation around the eyes. Not only are they great for the skin, they also help you to relax and provide relief from headaches.

The pleasant gel eye masks offered by ZAQ are the 123 Ready Honey & Copper Hydrating Gel Eye Patches, the 123 Ready Ice Blue Energize Gel Eye Patches and the 123 Ready 24K Gold Lift & Firm Gel Eye Patches. The Honey & Copper Gel Eye Patches include hydrating and glowing effects. The hyaluronic acid and seaweed collagen in it plump the skin and reduce dry eyes. The Ready Ice Blue Energize Gel Eye Patches firm, hydrate and brighten the under-eye area. The 24K Gold Lift & Firm Gel Eye Patches also hydrate and brighten the skin while providing anti-aging benefits and an opulent glow!

Apply the eye patches onto clean and dry skin. For greatest benefits, leave them on for 10-15 minutes. You can use them daily or as needed. For extra cooling effects, store them in the fridge! Make sure to discard after use.


The purpose of gel lip masks is to moisturize your lips, make them appear plumper and smooth out the skin on your lips.

Gel lip masks available at ZAQ are the 123 Ready Ice Blue Energize Gel Lip Patches, the 123 Ready Copper & Honey Hydrating Gel Lip Patches and the 123 Ready 24k Gold Lift & Firm Gel Lip Patches. The Blue Energize Gel Lip Patches hydrate, firm and cool the skin on your lips. The Copper & Honey Hydrating Gel Lip Patches provide glowing and hydrating benefits. Lastly, the 24k Gold Lift & Firm Gel Lip Patches also hydrate, firm and brighten your lips while plumping them. All of these masks include key ingredients like hyaluronic acid and seaweed collagen which encourage well-moisturized and younger looking skin.

To use, apply a patch onto clean and dry lips and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. You can store the mask in the fridge if you would like a cooling effect. Use daily or as needed and make sure you discard after use.

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