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DIY Remedies for Itchy Bug Bites

We all love the great outdoors, for a little while at least. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach from morning ‘til night, knowing you don’t have anywhere else to be… but then the biters arrive. Mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and more – they’re all out there, in the camp ground, waiting for dusk to arrive so that they can swarm in for their evening meal. Unfortunately, you are their evening meal. 

We found this excellent infographic by Fallingwater, posted to Click the image to read it over so that you can prevent being eaten alive.[/caption] The unfortunate reality is that, no matter what you do, the bugs always seem to bite. Which is why we’ve put together a list of essential oils that, when rubbed on the bite, will soothe your skin and let you get back to having fun.

Lavender Not only does it soothe bug bites, but it also helps with cuts, scrapes, bruises and sunburns. This is the ultimate camping essential oil.

Bergamot Apply some before the bugs come out to help repel them (the bergamot plant is used to protect crops on some farms; its potent smell makes bugs go “ick”!); if the inevitable bug gets through, a drop of diluted bergamot acts as a antihistamine, reducing swelling and itchiness.

Tea Tree Oil The chemical properties of this strong-yet-sort-of-pleasant essential oil make bug bites just a dot on the skin – nothing to worry about!

Need some other ideas? We’ve got those for you too!

[caption id="attachment_26525" align="aligncenter" width="592"]9 DIY home remedies to bug bites A visual of all the home remedies you can use to relieve that itchy unpleasantness, care of "Wonder How To"[/caption]

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