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Discovering ZAQ’s Diffusers: Mirage


Material – BPA Free plastics Size – 8.0″ x 4.3″ Capacity – 150ml Operating Time – 8 hours

A mirage is an optical phenomenon created by heat waves or light rays or essential oils misting out of a diffuser. While most mirages are illusions, this one is a very tangible (and beautiful) addition to any space. The Mirage sits on your shelf and radiates the tranquility and hope of a lush oasis found in the middle of the barren desert at just the perfect moment. Stimulate your creativity:
  • A flat, rounded top evenly diffuses luxurious aromas inspiring a calming environment of relaxation, relief and healing.
  • Sleek, modern vision of classic luxury.
  • Multi-color LED lights rotate through a selection of soft yet vibrant colors; or you can set it to one specific color to create the perfect ambiance.
  • Large water tank makes the Mirage good for hotels, conference rooms, studios and locker rooms.
  • Auto shut off function means if you leave the room while it’s running, you won’t need to return to turn it off!
Zaq’s Mirage is a true vision of luxury that suits every taste. Watch the video below to see how this aromatherapy diffuser can stimulate your creativity:

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