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ZAQ Mini

Discovering ZAQ’s Diffusers: Mini


Material – Plastic Size – 4.4” x 3.8” Capacity – 20ml Operating Time – 5 hours with adapter; 3 hours with battery

Looking for a compact, travel-friendly diffuser? Look no further. The ZAQ Mini is designed for the frequent flyer, the explorer and the business traveler. Pocket-sized, it fits into your purse, laptop bag, suitcase or overnight bag without being cumbersome. Mini is made to take with you on long trip, short trips or overnight trips! It features:
  • Multi-color LED lights to soothe and inspire
  • Battery operated capability (4 AA batteries)
  • Three mist settings – continuous, interval or off
  •  Three light settings – changing, fixed or off
  • Auto shut off function
This diffuser is easy to use – insert the batteries, fill with water, add essential oil and press the “on” button. That’s all you need to do to start filling your hotel room with beautiful aromas that suit any emotion (read our Essential Oil Guide here). Round with a smooth bottom and unique wave-like top, the Mini creates luxurious ambiance on-the-go. Looking for the perfect travel companion? Find it on Amazon.

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