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Discovering ZAQ’s Diffusers: Bamboo


Material – Bamboo Size – 3.6” x 6.6” Capacity – 100ml Operating Time – 6 hours in continuous mode; 12 hours in interval mode Bamboo is amazing - it’s a grass but it’s also a wood. Pandas eat it (so that’s pretty cool). Bamboo is an eco-friendly material used in furniture - as a grass, it grows very quickly and is easily replenished (unlike our valuable trees!). Meet the all-natural Bamboo diffuser:
  • Multi-color LED lights that can be set to change or hold steady on your favorite color
  • Auto shut off function
  • Sleek, artsy design embodies the look of natural bamboo stalks
Zaq’s Bamboo diffuser has a natural-looking bamboo shell that harnesses the wonders of this sustainable material for your home decor and aromatherapy enjoyment. A mist made up of water and essential oils is sprayed from the top of this exotic diffuser for up to 12 hours. It’s neutral colors make it perfect for almost any room - from the living room to a shelf in your hair salon. Like all of ZAQ’s diffusers, the Bamboo is easy to use. Embrace the true beauty of nature with this sustainable-wood Bamboo diffuser. You can find them on Amazon.

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