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Calm Yourself: Homemade Lavender Aromatherapy

Homemade Lavendar Aromatherapy in  Calm Down Jar There are days when the stress is high, tensions are taut, and the urge to lash out is nearly boiling over. These are the days when you could use a little calming influence to pull you out of your funk and back into the relaxed, laid-back person you want to be. In comes the Homemade Lavender Aromatherapy jar. Give it a scratch and a shake, and then watch the sparkles settle – taking your tension with them.

What You’ll Need

  • Clear glass or plastic jar Up-cycle an old mason or jam jar, just make sure you clean it first!
  • Lavender sprigs Aim for three
  • Glitter
  • 1 oz glitter glue
  • Square cloth Make sure it’s large enough to wrap over the lid of your chosen jar, with lots of fabric to spare
  • Ribbon & rubber bands Choose one that will be easy to tie around the jar and, if you want, has soothing colors
  • “Confetti” (optional) This can be store bought confetti or multi-sized buttons, sequins, beads – anything that will clack against the jar without breaking it
  • Stir stick Something long that you can toss afterwards
  • Kettle & water
  • Pinking shears or sewing scissors
Most of the supplies can be purchased at your local dollar store or craft store.

Ready to Get Crafty?

Put your kettle on – let the water come to a boil, then set it aside to cool.
  1. Pour glitter into the jar so that it fills ¼ inch and covers the bottom.
  2. Add your “confetti” of choice – you can pick anything that’s heavier than the glitter, really.
  3. Fill the jar half way with very hot (not boiling) water.
  4. Add the glitter glue, stirring constantly to prevent clumps. When the glue has incorporated completely, add more hot water – fill the jar until there is ½ inch of space left at the top.
  5. Set the jar aside to cool while you prepare the lid.
  6. Spread out your cloth and lay the lid in the center. Draw a circle around the lid that is an inch or more larger from the edge (the resulting circle will have a diameter 2 inches or more larger than the lid).
  7. Cut out the circle with your pinking shears.
  8. Close the jar tightly (if you want, you can glue it shut).
  9. Break up your lavender sprigs and place them in a pile on top of the closed jar. Carefully place the fabric on the lid; ensure that the lavender stays in the middle/on top.
  10. Secure the cloth tightly to the jar with a rubber band and then tie on the ribbon.
Voilà, your very own calming aromatherapy jar. Shake it up, scratch the top, inhale the calming lavender and set it down to watch the glitter – and tensions! – settle.

Don’t like lavender?

Or maybe you need to be energized rather than calmed? You can add any fragrance you like to the top of your jar, providing it’s in a dry, leaf-like form (or else the scratching won’t work). Use lemon rind or peppermint leaves to help you focus on your big project; orange peel or dried jasmine to give a spark of happiness when needed most; cinnamon sticks to combat mental fatigue; and even dried rosemary to help if you’re studying for a test or need to remember something important. Now go, get crafty and calm yourself! This project was sourced from and adapted for your personal use.

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