No, not birthday candles - I can't help with that!  I can tell you, however, how toxic candles, plugins and oil burners can be.  Did you know that those very same candles you burn are filling your house with toxins and can cause cancer?  Did you also know they cause indoor pollution?  This pollution is from released chemicals that emit when we burn candles.  It can have very harmful effects on human health says a study from South Carolina State University.  The same is true for those highly fragrant plugins and burning oils.  

In fact, incense has been linked to higher rates of cancer.  In a study conducted on the use of incense in the home, it was found to have more toxins than smoking cigarettes.  Not only are we affecting our own health, we are putting our children and anyone else in our homes at risk.  

Have you ever pulled a picture away from the wall and noticed a black ring around the frame area?  Well, I have.  After a little research, I found out it was from burning candles in my home.  I don't do that anymore!  If that is what's showing up on my wall, what is going into my family's lungs?  I had to make a switch immediately.

That's when I found ZAQ diffusers and essential oils.  I will never burn another candle, use a plugin or burn oils again!  ZAQ offers clean, nontoxic, 100% pure essential oils that will not harm you or your family.  They use a ceramic core in their diffusers that, unlike other diffusers on the market, are built to last.  They only use quality materials as well.  For example, BPA-free plastic is used to ensure their products have a long life.  

With ZAQ, you don't have to worry about putting toxins and pollution in your lungs.  You can sit back, relax and find your happy place.  May I suggest doing it with the ZAQ Lotus Aromatherapy?  It is designed with the lotus flower in mind, floating on a surface of water.  You will feel a sense of stillness and relaxation to ease yourself of the day's stress.  It contains soft LED lights to help you receive deep relaxation, inspire strength, focus and takes you to a place of serenity.  It has a color changing option as well.

Use your ZAQ Lotus with their wonderful, nontoxic essential oils such as Lemon Oil.  It's a natural cleanse to detoxify.  Unlike the artificial lemon scents that contain  limonene in scented candles, cleaners and plugs, ZAQ uses pure products that are safe for breathing. Limonene, once released into the air, reacts to create formaldehyde.  That is what is found in embalming fluid!  You don't want to be breathing that!  Ever!  ZAQ Lemon Oil is 100% PURE essential oil.  You are safe to enjoy and know your family is safe from toxins as well.

Now, blow out those candles and check out ZAQ's wide selection of diffusers and pure essential oils.  Besides, their diffusers are so much more beautiful than a jar candle with black around the ring, don't you think?

How do you keep your home from toxins?

Kris Bitar

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