Finally, an evening alone!  Don't get me wrong, I love my children; but they are teenagers.  Enough said?  As I wondered what to do with my free evening, I looked outside and saw a light dusting of late winter snow.  I really didn't feel like leaving the house.  I thought about baking but that seemed like too much work.  I thought about giving the dogs a bath and decided that could happen the next day.  I even thought about finishing the laundry and realized that shouldn't be a plan on my one evening with "me" time.  Then I thought about something.  Would my ZAQ Essential Oils work in the bathtub?  Could I really use a few drops to get that same wonderful, relaxing smell?  COULD I REALLY RELAX?

Off to the bathroom I headed with ZAQ 100% Pure Lavender Oil in hand.  I had recently had a jacuzzi tub installed in my bathroom.  I saved for a really long time to do this as I had always wanted one.  Once I got it, I rarely got a chance to use it.  Did I mention two teenagers in the house?  Apparently, they love it, too, and they are quicker than me to get in there.  But tonight, tonight it's all mine and I don't want to waste this opportunity!

As I started the warm water and began to fill the tub, I decided to light a candle.  This evening was turning out awesome!  I grabbed my reading glasses and book and then, this just gets better and better, a glass of wine. I was ready to enjoy my evening.  Peace, joy and happiness were all over that bathroom!  I then grabbed the ZAQ 100% Pure Lavender Oil, added about 8 drops and climbed in to enjoy.

As I turned on the tub jets, the wonderful smell of lavender surrounded me.  I don't know the last time I was so relaxed.  Long story short, I spent the next hour and a half enjoying my "me" time.  I sipped my wine, felt the tub jets on my back and read my book I have had for over a year and still hadn't finished.  The wonderful smell of lavender filled the entire room and it was the best hour and a half I have had in a long, long time.

Feeling relaxed and cozy, I got out of the tub, blew out the candle, finished my last sip of wine before opening the bathroom door.  I was promptly greeted with three little doggie noses waiting patiently for my return to reality.  Boy, was it nice while it lasted!

Kris Bitar

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