Over Memorial Day, we had a four-day weekend.  At the start of it, I watched my girls disappear into their rooms, pick up their computers and, I surmised, would sit quite contented until late Monday evening when they would realize they needed showers for school the next day to wash the sweat from doing absolutely nothing the entire weekend off their lazy bodies.  I was a little disgusted by my own children, I have to admit. 

Then it occurred to me.  They needed to know what Memorial Day was all about.  I would load them up in the car, sans computers, and we would travel to the next state over and see some history and memorials and they could actually learn about that instead of the next meme posted by their friends.   

As you can imagine, my plan didn't go over well at first, but I am the boss (at least I'd like to think so) so I gave them 15 minutes to pack up and after a quick check to make sure we were computer free, off we went.  I just pretended not hear all the complaining.  

I did remember one important thing.  My own Mother's Day gift that I have been dying to try.  ZAQ's Tour - The Ultimate Road Trip Diffuser! Mine is the black/purple one but there are so many choices!  Black/white, black/olive, black/black and, of course, black/purple.  It comes with a home adapter so you can use it in your personal space and a car adapter so you can use it on go. It's simple to use. Simply plug it into your car adapter, unscrew the top, add water and a few drops of oil then tightly screw the top back on and push the button on the Tour to choose your setting.

The great thing about getting to bring My Tour Diffuser along is that it is calming when the trip gets stressful. For instance, when the girls fight over one of them looking out of the other one's window.  Really?!  Is that even a thing?  I don't even have a response to that.  I just breathe in ZAQ's Balance Blend Essential Oil to give me back my physical and emotional balance with the wonderful scents of ylang-ylang, lavender, bergamot and juniper berry.  In fact, at that moment, I pushed the button on the Tour from intermittent to the continuous setting.   

The trip was successful but I also found another use for the Tour Diffuser.  Since our trip was a last minute thing, we had to settle for a hotel room wasn't the greatest.  It had a little bit of a stale smell to it.  Good thing I brought the home adapter with me.  We just plugged in the Tour Diffuser, set it on intermittent and it ran for about 8 hours.  All of us were thankful for that!

Kris Bitar




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