Anxiety and Essential Oils: June is Eye Twitch Month

Yes, I am stressed.  Stressed out and my eyelid is actually twitching.  I don't want to do the same to you so I will try to tell you what I did to solve it instead of what I did to cause it.  Unfortunately, we will have to walk hand-in-hand through the entire story to truly appreciate the "cure."

You see, I am a teacher.  It is June.  I am a high school teacher in June and several of the students who want to graduate have put off a few, well, a lot, of assignments until the very last minute and now are having trouble getting it done.  Everyone wants help.  Now it isn't that I haven't asked, begged and bribed them all year long to get busy.  I have.  It's just now, invitations have been ordered, caps and gowns are ready and diplomas are in the office - everything is ready to go.  Oh, except that last credit of social studies or English.  No, that has to be turned in within 5 days or guess what?  That student can't graduate.  That's why my eyelid is twitching.  I'm trying to help them.  That's what teachers do.  I've just seen so many meltdowns this week!

After inquiring if it was still against the law to drink alcohol at school (it is), I decided to turn to what has worked in the past.  Reducing my anxiety with my ZAQ Paradise diffuser.  The Paradise is beautifully sculpted glass featuring unique ridges inspired by a pattern of gentle ocean waves.  It is very relaxing just to look at.  I also looked into what essential oils work best for anxiety.  This is what I found:

I am going to try a few of these since I don't have a prescription of Lorazepam.  I already have ZAQ Lavender so I'll start there.  My goal today is to stop my eye twitch. Tomorrow, I'll work on the racing heart so if I can find a few minutes, I'll going to order a few of these suggestions above.  

In the morning, I'm bringing my ZAQ Paradise diffuser to school for the students and for me! On top of that, I am going to plan for 5 minutes to use the bathroom. It's a lofty goal, but I got this!  

Kris Bitar


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