Jen was a little early, but she couldn't wait to get to her friend's house. Maya told her she had a secret to share with her. Something exciting, she said. Something that was so good, she wasn't going to share it with everybody. Must be something good, thought Jen as she half-ran, half-stumbled out the door to her car. The excitement was killing her. Her friend had seemed a little down lately, so whatever the Big Secret was, it had changed her friend's attitude.  

Arriving at Maya's house, Jen noticed the door was ajar. Maya could hear Jen's voice and she sounded...well, passionate about something. As she listened, she dared not knock. She was slightly embarrassed for arriving early. Did Jen have company? Who was Jen talking to in such intensity? Maya could not help herself. She could not knock on the door nor could she leave her place at Jen's doorstep. She simply stood and listened.

You are so versatile, giggled Jen. I love your sleekness. I love how you stand so tall and proud, my Darling. You and I will share lots of new beginnings. When I use a little bit of Clarity Blend with you, I feel you stimulate my mental creativity and  alleviate my fatigue.  Allay, with your LiteMist softening my skin, I feel like a whole new person. Come closer, Allay, and let me see how bold you really are, my Love. Let me have my way with you.

At that, Maya was contrite that she had stumbled upon a conversation with Jen's secret! It must be a new love in her life! She really should not have come here early! Now if she tried to leave, Jen and this guy Allay, would hear her and know what she overheard. Truly at a loss for what to do and standing in frozen awkwardness, Maya could not move.

At that exact moment, Jen stepped to the door to open it. There stood Maya, red-faced and awkward. "Oh, good!  You are here!  Come in, come in..." Maya didn't know what to do.  She mumbled something about interrupting her friend and she could come back later. Jen just stared at her quizzically and then, as it dawned on her what her friend might be thinking, began to laugh. In fact, she laughed until tears came to her eyes and splashed down her face. At this point, Maya was beginning to get upset with her friend. After all, she could have let her out of this situation with a little dignity. Instead, Jen handed her a package.

"Early birthday gift!" said Jen. Maya didn't understand at all and reluctantly began to open it. To her surprise, and great relief, it was an Allay signature diffuser, in pink - the same color as her face. "Oh, thank you!  I thought...well, never mind what I thought. Just thank you!"  

"That's my secret," said Jen with a sly smile. "I love my new Allay diffuser and thought you would like it as much as I do!" Maya could only share the same sly smile. She couldn't wait to get home and turn it on...the switch that is!

Where will Allay take you?

Kris Bitar

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